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Nina Shandler is a psychologist who authored a book on menopause as a self-treatment during her change of life. For more than 20 years, the Nina Shandler studied the effects of foods on the body thus taking a natural approach to menopause was the logical next step. Her book, titled Estrogen The Natural Way, explains how women can take control of their lives and the effects of menopause on the body with foods that contain natural estrogen.

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Food based estrogen replacement therapy book.

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Nina Shandler earned a doctorate from the University of Massachusetts. In addition to Estrogen The Natural Way, Shandler also authored several books on vegetarian lifestyles and cooking sweets without sugar. The Holiday Sweets Without Sugar book was coauthored by her husband, Michael Shandler. This book is of great interest to dieters who wish to cut caloric intake while keeping sweet foods as part of their eating plan. According to the book’s description, sugar and white flour are replaced with whole grains and naturally sweet foods. When white flour and sugar are eliminated from the diet, weight loss could result as long as the overall caloric totals remain low.

Another interesting book by Nina Shandler and Michael Shandler is the Homemade Mixes: Over 120 for Meals the Natural Way, focuses on preparing enough mixes for two months worth of meals in one afternoon. These mixes are later used to prepare meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert in just a few minutes using natural ingredients and grains. The dieter could use these tips to prepare low calorie meals ahead of time to maintain a healthy eating plan. The books by Nina Shandler range in price from just over $10 to more than $20.

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  • Many of Nina Shandler books contain valuable information regarding healthy eating.
  • Prices are lower than other healthy eating books and cook books.


  • Reading cook books will not increase weight loss.
  • The dieter may have to adjust recipes to lower calorie totals.


Nina Shandler has spent her life studying foods and the effects of healthy foods on estrogen balance, health and well-being. She and husband, Michael Shandler have worked together to establish guides and cook books for everything from vegetarian eating to preparing sweet foods without sugar and white flour. There are plenty of lessons that could be learned from each of Nina Shandler’s books, but the dieter may have to make some substantial changes to recipes in order to lose weight or maintain weight loss. Foods do not typically contain fat burning properties. While food intake is crucial to ongoing weight loss, the dieter may not enjoy tweaking recipes and preparing month’s worth of food in one afternoon.

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