Nitric Oxide GPLC Review

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Nitric Oxide GPLC from Protein Factory claims to include ingredients superior to other nitric oxide boosters. According to the product description, a nitric oxide booster will increase vasodilation. This causes increased blood flow and nutrients move to muscles faster. This is completely true, but the ingredients in the supplement may not work as claimed. We found reference to clinical trials, but Protein Factory does not include links to where those trials are published. This is a huge oversight. Anyone can claim a trial supports product ingredients, but readers want to see the trial published on a website not affiliated with the product. Protein Factory does offer articles on why other nitric oxide supplements are inferior.

Products sold by Protein Factory can be ordered from the official website. Testimonials are not listed and no free trial offer could be found. We believe supplement companies need to offer a free trial to gain trust with the consumer. The Protein Factory website is difficult to navigate with thousands of supplements available for sale.

List of Ingredients

Glycine Propionyl-L-Carnitine.

Product Features

We find a few discrepancies with the literature on Nitric Oxide GPLC. First, the study listed used 4.5 grams of GPLC to boost nitric oxide levels. How much GPLC is included in this supplement? No one knows. A second study used 6 grams of GPLC given intravenously. Was the first study intravenous? Each serving of Nitric Oxide GPLC weighs 5 grams, so 6 grams could not possibly be included.

After looking around the Internet, we found a few studies supporting GPLC for exercise performance, fat oxidation and the like. Most of the studies were performed on “trained men” or in patients with some form of heart disease. These studies are not relevant to the average Joe who wants to boost nitric oxide levels. If a beginning bodybuilder were to take Nitric Oxide GPLC, we have no idea whether it would boost nitric oxide because untrained men have not been tested.

Nitric Oxide GPLC sells for $65.00. A huge price from a company that does not list supportive clinical research.

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  • Ingredients are listed in the product description.
  • Consumer can order the supplement directly from Protein Factory.
  • GPLC may increase nitric oxide in trained athletes.


  • None of the studies has links to online publications.
  • Studies may include more GPLC than Nitric Oxide GPLC provides.


Boosting nitric oxide means other supplements, protein and carbohydrates race to muscles faster. This could lead to increased muscle gains and faster recovery. While some studies support the claims made by Protein Factory, not enough information is provided about the supplement to tell whether it will work as claimed. We need to know how much of the active ingredient is included.

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