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If a product claimed to assist a dieter loss 14.6% body fat in 10 weeks, who wouldn’t use it. Add in pictures of extremely toned bodies and the marketing campaign is complete. NitroVarin, manufactured by Novex Biotech, uses this exact marketing to pull the dieter into a web of deceit. The website looks great, but fails to offer any information regarding the product. There are links to other products sold by Novex Biotech.

What struck us was some of the other products sold on the website such as Cutting Gel and Oxydrene. Both substances are currently banned in the United States. Can a dieter trust a product sold by a company willing to sell potentially illegal supplements? We will see.

List of Ingredients

D-Ribose, Caffeine, Green Tea Extract and Cissus Quadrangularis Extract.

Product Features

Nitrovarin claims dieters will loss 14.6% of their body fat in 10 weeks. Although excessive, losing that amount of body fat is possible under the right conditions. The conditions being proper diet, exercise and supplementation. Other factors involved in losing that amount of body fat include the starting body fat percentage of an individual. Since most individuals don’t have the right equipment at home, they will then need to visit a physician or go to a local gym, creating additional costs.

Losing almost 15% body fat is easier if the dieter’s body fat is lower compared to an individual with a higher body fat percentage.

Caffeine and green tea are proven fat burners. Due to the proprietary blend, the dieter is not given a true indication of the exact amount of the supplement. Without the exact amount, the proven ingredients are essentially useless.

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  • Contains proven weight loss ingredients, caffeine and green tea.
  • Available on the official website.


  • Claims not liked to clinical research.
  • The parent company sells products banned in the United States.


The claims of NitroVarin draw the dieter in, with no proven clinical research. The company doesn’t even offer testimonials from users. Losing 14.6 body fat is an extreme claims, especially due to the lack of clinical research. The ingredients in NitroVarin are proven fat burners, but will not achieve 14.6% body fat loss. In fact, a dieter has the ability to loss 14.6% body fat without using Nitrovarin. Achieving real fat loss requires a dieter embrace a healthy lifestyle consisting of a healthy diet, exercise and proper supplementation. There is no magic solution that will erase body fat.

Dieters looking for a proven supplement search for ingredients such as caffeine and green tea. Unfortunately, a dieter should also look for clinical research proving the effectiveness of the product. NitroVarin is not one of those product. It contains high hopes and delivers even less.

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    I’ve been taking Nitrovarin with a proper diet for the past two and a half weeks. Actually, I lost 16 pounds. However, I also excluded pretty much all sugars and significantly reduced the amount of saturated fat I am consuming.


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    Thank you for the detailed review of Nitrovarin. I have used you in the past when making a purchase decision. However I have to disagree with you regarding your take on Oxydrene being banned. The company NEVER mentions that it is banned. I have copied and pasted the company’s description of Oxydrene: “In today’s overly regulated marketplace, performance supplements are highly scrutinized and, unfortunately, some products that actually work as advertised are often targeted or banned (i.e. ephedra). Many of you know that Oxydrene® has been an “underground” non-steroidal, performance-enhancing phenomenon for more than a decade. However, even though Oxydrene is steroid free, the use of oxygen-related performance enhancers has been banned under International Olympic Committee (IOC) and World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) rules. Even though no one questions Oxydrene’s safety, a technical reading of this ban could include Oxydrene due to its ability to increase oxygen uptake at peak exercise levels. Therefore, ALL competitive athletes should check with their trainers and governing bodies BEFORE using Oxydrene in organized athletic competition. NOTE: The IOC and WADA disclosures will be prominently displayed on each and every Oxydrene box and bottle.”

    As you can see, the company only states that Oxydrene increases the body’s ability to use oxygen, and that they should CHECK with their organization before using it.


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