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The No Big Deal Diet is a book written by Dr. Joanne Lichten. Through her book and other ventures, America has come to know her simply as “Dr. Jo.” She wrote the book for people who have tried to lose weight before and can’t, as well as people who despite their best efforts, have not been able to lose weight. If this describes you, take a look at our review before rushing out to buy it.

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The No Big Deal Diet focuses on teaching readers how to make seven changes in their lifestyles that will help promote a healthier way of life while also producing weight loss. The seven skills for weight you learn to help you reach your weight loss goals are: no more excuses; no more deprivation; treat yourself right; create your own rules; ask yourself why; keep your focus; and accelerate your metabolism. The main focus of the book is that no diet is perfect; you do not need any more willpower than you already have, and the knowledge of health is not enough to produce results. When she says to set your own rules, she means to develop a plan that works with your lifestyle, your goals, and your relationship with food. Generally, you are to keep a food journal, determine your caloric needs and stick to them, and make sure you are eating breakfast. She is a strong advocate of exercise as this can help accelerate your results and improve confidence levels. She says to find an activity you love and do it regularly, while also keeping an exercise DVD on hand to use inside on days when weather doesn’t permit exercising outside.

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  • The No Big Deal Diet was written by a medical professional.
  • Promotes using the power of skill over willpower.


  • The No Big Deal Diet requires action to see results. If you do not take what you read and apply it to your lifestyle, nothing will change.
  • The book does not offer any new information compared to what we already know about weight loss and healthy eating habits.
  • There are no meal plans or recipes presented in the book.
  • There are no exercise plans or guides provided in the book.


The No Big Deal Diet could be a good start for someone already familiar with the diet roller coaster, but overall does not provide any new information to help people make a real change in their lives. To lose weight, you need a healthy, balanced, diet, regular exercise, and a clinically proven weight loss supplement that contains either a fat burner, an appetite suppressant, or both.

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