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The No Fad Diet is a diet and weight loss book written by the American Heart Association to help combat unhealthy dieting and weight loss, in favor of truly getting healthy for your heart and overall well-being. The book aims to dismantle all the diet myths associated with fad dieting. If you are looking for something to help you reach your weight loss goals while staying healthy, this could be the answer. Read our review to see what we think.

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The No Fad Diet is based on three central rules: Think Smart, Eat Well, and Move More. Thinking smart involves changing your habits to eliminate negative thoughts and bad habits. Eating well means taking in fewer calories than you need so you can start losing weight. Moving more means getting more active so you can burn more calories to create a larger deficit to increase your weight loss efficiency. The recommended foods on this diet are: vegetables, fruits, low fat or fat free dairy, and whole grains. You should also be eating fish at least three times a week as this has been shown to help reduce the likelihood of heart disease. There is a two week long meal plan complete with recipes to help get you started. The only thing we get for exercise advice is at least 30 minutes of an intense activity three to five days a week. This is not a lot of guidance for most people who benefit from being told what needs to be done and when.

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  • The No Fad Diet gives users a choice of three different eating plans.
  • This book gives you 14 days worth of recipes and a meal plan to help you get started.


  • The No Fad Diet presents some contradictory information to what we consider healthy.
  • Some of the diet recommendations include trans fats, which we know are not healthy for the body.
  • Simply telling people to eat less and move more is not going to be an effective long term weight loss approach for many dieters.
  • Many dieters do not do well with a low fat diet because it can cause a blood sugar disruption which can lead to insulin resistance and diabetes.


The No Fad Diet comes from a trustworthy source but it has some iffy information about health and fitness in it. Fat free foods are not good for the body, because we need some fat to survive. Trans fats have been linked to heart disease and other health problems, and this diet plan suggests eating them. The bottom line is you need a healthy diet with fewer calories than you burn to lose weight. Your calories should come from produce, whole grains, and lean proteins rather than junk food.

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