No White Foods Diet Review

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The No White Foods Diet is similar to a low carbohydrate plan, but whole grains or brown foods are allowed, which may be higher in carbohydrates. White foods like sugar and flour are refined and supply calories but little nutritional benefits to the dieter. Instead of eliminating starches or carbohydrates, the dieter simply switches out whole grains and unrefined carbohydrates for white foods. This may help a dieter lose a small amount of weight, but brown grains tend to have the same number of calories as white grains.

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Diet that eliminates white foods for weight loss.

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Imagine creating a weekly menu and scratching out every white food and replacing those foods with whole grains. This is the concept behind the no white foods diet. White rice is replaced with whole grain rice or brown rice. White bread is replaced with whole wheat or whole grain bread. White potatoes are replaced with sweet potatoes or yams and white sugar is eliminated from the diet all together. The process is simple, but the effect on weight loss may be a bit lax for the dieter wanting to shed quite a few pounds. Whole grain foods have the same amount of calories (sometimes more) than white foods. Eliminating sugar does reduce the number of total calories consumed per day if the dieter commonly eats sugary foods or drinks sugared sodas.

The positive effect of whole grains occurs on a nutritional level. The no white foods diet replaces processed and refined carbohydrates with vitamin and nutrient dense whole grains. The dieter will not likely lose a ton of weight from this change, but the foods are healthier for the body. Whole grains tend to have higher fiber content, so the dieter may eat less before feeling full.

There is no specific cost for following the no white foods diet, aside from food costs. Whole grain alternatives tend to be more costly than processed white foods, so the dieter will spend a bit more in the grocery store. If weight loss is the end goal, the dieter could offset the higher cost of food by eating smaller portion sizes.

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  • White foods are the least healthy foods consumed today.
  • The no white foods diet allows whole grains and complex carbohydrates.
  • The diet is affordable.


  • No exercise plan associated with the no white foods diet.
  • Whole grain alternatives may be more calorie dense.
  • No clear guidelines for weight loss.
  • Higher fiber content could cause gas and bloating.


For optimal health, dieters can switch out white foods for whole grain foods, but the effect of the no white foods diet on weight loss is likely minimal. The dieter will still need to learn portion control and exercise daily for weight loss.

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