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There does not appear to be an official website for the body building product No Xplode. However those who sell No Xplode on line do give us some detailed product information regarding this product including information on the ingredients contained in this product. No Xplode is evidently marketed towards those who work out and want to increase their muscle volume and strength. Those selling this product on line tell us that it will provide immediate muscular and vascular enlargement. It is certainly not a product which is directed towards the ordinary man or women who would simply like to lose that extra half pound that they are carrying.


The ingredients in No Xplode include Cinnamon Extract, Creatine Matrix, L-Histidine AKG, L-Citrulline, L- Arginine, Glycocyamine, and Trimethylglycine.

Product Features

Those selling this product tell us that you should take two to three scoops of No Xplode with water or another beverage thirty to forty minutes before you work out. A container of No Xplode can be ordered directly on line at a cost of $41.99 and this will give you forty servings of No Xplode. There does not appear to be a money back guarantee upon purchase of No Xplode nor is there any kind of offer of a free trial period. Those selling this product do not appear to give any contact details should you wish to contact a representative of the company which manufactures this product. There are however some testimonials available on line from those who have apparently used No Xplode. Of course No Xplode is not the only product available for sale which claims to be able to build up muscle power and strength.

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  • A full list of ingredients is available for No Xplode.
  • The product is reasonably priced.
  • No Xplode can be ordered directly from on line shops.


  • There does not appear to be an official website available for No Xplode.
  • This product will not be suitable for someone who simply wants to lose some weight.
  • There is no offer of a full back money back guarantee upon purchase of No Xplode.
  • There are no contact details given should you wish to contact a representative of the company which produces No Xplode.


If you are someone who works out regularly and wants to increase you muscle tone and power then you may be attracted by this product. However there is no evidence that it is more effective than other similar products available. If however you are someone who is looking to lose some weight then this type of product is not going to be suitable for you. You may want to try a product which contains Green Tea Extract.

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4 User Reviews about No Xplode

  • 1

    my brother used it at the age of 17 and he is now 21 he hasnt worked out in 3 years and he is still big i just started and i can already see results..i doubt your muscle will shrink back up


  • 2

    does no xplode just add water weight or does it in fact increase muscle. if i discontinue use but still work out will my muscles shrink?



    yeah your muslces will shrink up, i woulnt recomond it



    Allows more blood flow and oxygen…does not add muscle, but it will help you workout longer and harder…which will lead to muscle growth