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Noblerex K1 is a vibration machine that claims to provide 60 minutes of workout benefit with only 10 minutes a day. There are several celebrities mentioned on the official website and a link to a new website with updated information on Noblerex K1. According to Noblerex K1, the technology used is the same astronauts use to fight off muscle atrophy when traditional exercise is impossible. Testimonials, pricing information and videos of the Noblerex K1 in actions are also available.

List of Ingredients

Vibrating exercise machine.

Product Features

Noblerex K1 has two official websites and a wealth of supportive information. The vibrating exercise machine is not the only vibration equipment available to dieters, but Noblerex K1 claims it is the only machine endorsed by a medical doctor. Dr. Roman Chubaty, the creator of the Thermogenic Endorphin Releasing Diet endorses the machine and claims to have one in his office for clinical use. Testimonials with before and after photos are also listed online, but there is one concern about the claims made by Noblerex K1 in comparison to the testimonials.

Nearly every testimonial is from a dieter who uses the Noblerex K1 machine more than 10 minutes a day or in conjunction with a gym workout routine or other form of exercise. Noblerex K1 claims weight loss will result from just working out 10 minutes every day, but none of the dieters only workout for that period of time.

The Noblerex K1 vibrating exercise machine sells for $2,775.00 in the United States with free shipping and handling. Canadian orders need to add $175.00 for shipping. The Noblerex K1 machine can also be shipped internationally for $400 shipping and handling.

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  • None.


  • There is no clinical proof metabolism is increased.
  • Testimonials are from dieters who use the machine as a supplement to other workout programs.
  • Many dieters use the machine for more than the suggested 10 minutes.
  • The price of the Noblerex K1 machine is much higher than comparable machines.
  • It is unclear if the testimonials are paid or freely given.
  • Dieters may have used the Thermogenic Endorphin Releasing Diet in conjunction with using the machine.


Vibrating exercise machines may provide some muscle support for astronauts in zero gravity. On earth, however, working out requires movement beyond vibration to see the results claimed in many testimonials. Dieters who have lost more than 100 pounds with the Noblerex K1 used the machine in addition to other exercise and diet programs. Some even worked out for 40 minutes or more a day on the machine though 10 minutes is supposed to be equivalent to 60 minutes of traditional exercise. There is reference to a Thermogenic diet, but no information on the specifics of the eating plan.

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