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NordicTrack is a popular line of fitness equipment that originally made headlines 20 years ago for its unique “NordicTrack Skiers”, but today features treadmills, elliptical trainers, incline trainers, and exercise bikes as part of their world renowned product line. Their philosophy is based around one purpose: provide a simple device that puts minimal impact on the joints while providing a strenuous workout. Although some debate about how easy it is to use NordicTrack devices, it is still very popular with dieters.

NordicTrack devices tend to be cheaper than the competition — treadmills cost around $1,000 whereas their patented ski trainers cost about $700.00 — and its long history makes this a very popular product line with consumers. But will these machines provide a substantial workout for dieters? Let’s find out.

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NordicTrack has introduced other exercise machines over the years, including treadmills, elliptical trainers, their patented NordicTrack skiers, and incline trainers, all which claim to be easy on the joints while providing a maximum strength and cardio workout. Although there have not been many studies on the actual NordicTrack brand, studies do show that elliptical trainers may be a valuable source for increasing cardiovascular activity, along with treadmills. Less positive results have been discovered on NordicTrack’s skiing devices. Nevertheless, it may offer cardio support for dieters seeking a machine that targets these components, but using these devices alone will not provide complete fitness support for dieters. Combining other cardiovascular exercise, such as martial arts or running may offer better solutions.

NordicTrack offers many devices for exercising at home and the prices are more manageable than other brands, but it is vitally important to get exercise in other forms such as incorporating strength exercises and different types of machines to gain strength and increase the strength of the entire body. Dieters should not depend on one device for this type of support.

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  • Offers numerous fitness machines, such as treadmills, NordicTrack skiers, and incline trainers.
  • Is cheaper than other brands.


  • Is not appropriate to depend on one device as a full exercise regimen.
  • No studies point out any advantages NordicTrack has over other brands.
  • Only provides cardio-training machines, such as treadmills and elliptical trainers.


The NordicTrack brand has been a staple in households since the 1980s, but today hosts an extensive line of products that claim to offer full cardio support to dieters. The price and availability of these products are a plus as well. Dieters should not depend on these devices alone for a full exercise regimen, however. It is best to incorporate other exercises that help dieters train all muscles of the body.

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2 User Reviews about NordicTrack

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    Purchased end of October 2010. Incline did not function. Have had six service calls. Replaced wiring, motors, sensors, control panel etc. have spent endless hours frustrated arranging to be available for repairmen. Been on the phone and on hold with NordicTrack for close to three hours. They have refused to replace the unit even after we’ve demonstrated they are in violation of our states lemon law.
    They have not followed through on their promises to get back to us regarding the situation etc.
    The repairman said the unit was “unrepairable”
    Now after the last repair attempt no part of the machine functions at all.
    We bought a brand name figuring the extra money would guarantee this sort of thing would not happen. My wife and I are very disappointed with Sears and NordicTrack.
    After spending thousands of dollars on NordicTrack equipment over the years and our recent purchase of an elliptical trainer and a treadmill we are baffled by the indifference given to our situation.
    It is now January 12, 2011. We have paid for a new machine, and not been able to enjoy it.
    We have been treated in a way that no one would expect, next time perhaps I’ll lean towards a company that is still trying to build a reputation and values its customers and their ability to spend their money where they feel appreciated.


  • 2

    My experience with the company and the machine have been one of the worst commercial experiences of my life. First, I purchased the Freestrider 35S from the NT website and was told that it would ship immediately but it took two weeks before delivery was made. Second, the machine arrived on 01/29/10 from UPS with the wiring not properly connected and it was all banged up and looked horrible. I contacted NT immediately and I was told that a technician would call me first thing the following Monday, no later than Tuesday to make repairs. When I still had not heard anything by the following Friday, I called NT and explained how upset I was with the condition of the machine, the lack of coordination between the service tech and NT, lack of NT follow through, especially given the fact the I paid close to $2,000 by the time I paid for the extended warranty and service. When the service representative told me that the technician should be out the following week I told her that I was paying interest on a product I could not use and that not being able to use the machine was not acceptable. I followed this by saying, “you obviously don’t care, I think I need to speak with a manager. The service rep’s response, “Excuse Me!” Excuse Me!” How dare you say something like that to me, you don’t even know me – you are a rude person and I am not going to let you talk to the manager because they will just say the same thing that I am telling you.” I was flabbergasted! First, how is my opinion rude? You may not agree with it but as long as my delivery is in a calm and respectful manner how does that prevent me from being able to talk to a manager about a broken machine that was delivered to my home, which I was paying interest on, that was just sitting in my home taking up space? Well, it didn’t matter because the service representative hung up on me. I called back after I picked my chin up off the floor and spoke to someone else who not only told me that I could talk to the manger (you can’t just talk to a manager then and there – you have to wait hours for them to call you back – no lie – that is how it is set up) but apologized for the experience. Anyway, by this time it did not matter because you couldn’t pay me to keep a product from this company. Anyway, I was so excited about getting this product when I initially ordered it and the experience has been such a huge let down – not only because the product and service are not what was promised but also because I was treated so horribly after spending so much of money and time. To add insult to injury I was also informed that I had to pay a 10% restocking fee for the return and was responsible for the cost of the return as well. This type of corporate mentality is so disheartening. My advice – take your hard earned money and spend it on a machine made by a company that actually does think the customer matters as NT obviously does not.