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Norwegian fish oil used to be one of the top rated out there because of its purity and high content of omega 3 DHA. The fish from the deep cold waters in Norway swim in waters where there isn’t a lot of pollution and lots of plankton.

Fish do not manufacture omega 3 fatty acids on their own; they get it from the plankton they eat. There has been such a high demand for the Norwegian fish oil that it has led to many fish farms popping up all over Norway. Instead of the rich cold waters of the ocean, the fish here are fed pellets of food instead of plankton. These fish contain very little amounts of the omega 3 DHA and the oil extracted from them also is of poor quality. However, you’d never know this because the people who still sell it market it as this high-grade quality fish oil with large amounts of omega 3 DHA fatty acids as any other great quality oil out there and you are none the wiser. Their fish are not caught in the cold, rich waters of the coast of Norway, they are farmed….but how do you know the difference?

We support the intake of Omega 3 DHA fatty acids. It is essential for so many body functions. Your hair, skin, brain, organs, digestive system, and many other functions are improved just from taking it. But there are many brands out there that are substandard. What do we look for in a good Norwegian fish oil supplement?

You want to make sure your bottle of supplements confirms that the fish are not farm raised, that they are in fact, caught in the actual ocean. Some companies will be more specific as to the origin of where they actually fish, such as the southern ocean which is known to be rich in plankton. You want to make sure they molecularly distill their oil to get rid of any contaminates. This also concentrates the oil. There are many different recommendations of dosage and how much DHA and EPA oil are in each pill. You need to shoot for no less than 320 EPA and 220 DHA. This is a minimum recommendation.


There are no typical article points in this article because we are reviewing a genre of products, not necessarily one company. Most reputable fish oil companies are going to be up front with their ingredients lists, the amounts of EPA and DHA in each of their supplements, and where they actually retain their fish: ocean or fish farm. Be sure to check any available reviews of the actual product from independent websites and from anyone who’s already used the product.

Mercury contamination is also a concern for many people, this is where reputation and distilling issues are of upmost importance. The fish could be caught in the ocean, but if the process of extracting the oil is inferior, you will end up with an inferior product.

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    Should the fish oil be taken on an empty stomach?
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