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What You Should Know

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Not Another Diet was created by Tom Nicoli. Mr. Nicoli is a board-certified hypnotist, Certified hypnotherapist, and author. Mr. Nicoli developed the Not Another Diet program through hypnotic suggestion. He states that we float in and out of a light hypnotic state at different times during everyday life. He says that we use daydreaming or that “in the zone” type of behaviors as our hypnotic state without even knowing it.

Product Features

Not Another Diet features a CD product and an Mp3 product. There is also a “lite” version of the program. The CD and Mp3 formatted products of the full program contain a 2 CD Weight Loss Audio Set, Stop Nighttime snacking set, Reduce Sugar and Sweets, Exercise Boost, and Oceans Sounds Relaxation. The “lite” version can also be bought in either CD or Mp3 formats. The full program costs around $87 for the CD version and $78 for the Mp3 version. The “lite” version is respectively $63 for the CD’s and $56 for the Mp3 version. You can also order any of the individual topics on their own CD or Mp3 without ordering the full set or to replace any CD’s you might have lost.>/p>

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  • You can purchase directly online and you don’t have to wait for anything to come in the mail if you want the Mp3 version right away.
  • There are no pills to take, no meetings, no calories to count.
  • Mr. Nicoli has an impressive list of accolades and experience, which lends to his credibility.
  • Disadvantages

  • The program is pricey. It’s hard to part with this kind of money for a program you aren’t totally sure will work.
  • There’s a huge stigmatism with hypnotism. Many people will probably blow off the program because of this alone.
  • Sometimes it’s easier to follow a more “tried and true” method of dieting. Lots of programs promise no calorie counting, or no cravings, only to leave you feeling hungry and still overweight.
  • Conclusion

    A healthy dose of skepticism is probably a good thing to hold onto here. Just because another hypnotist in Shape magazine thinks Mr. Nicoli’s program is the best thing she’s ever seen and gave it 5 stars does not make it fool proof. We have to think critically about what is best for ourselves. He does a great job of dispelling the myths around hypnotism in a page on the website, but it doesn’t entirely convince us it will work. Does the skepticism keep you from actually getting everything you want out of the program? While we certainly aren’t saying this is a crock….proceed with caution and make sure there is a money-back guarantee so you aren’t left feeling dooped.

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