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Nourishing Traditions is a cookbook that promotes healthy eating and recommends healthy foods that we often forget to include in our diets. The book was advertised as challenging traditional views on correct nutrition, and those who create certain diet fads.

Nourishing Traditions is written by Sally Fallon who has also written several other alternative health publications. Some of the advice contained in the book is controversial, though it seems to have been backed up by extensive research. One of the key claims is that animal fats as well as cholesterol are both essential for a healthy diet and a healthy body.

Due to these kinds of claims this is not simply a ‘diet’ book that provides readers with programs to follow. Rather it is related to the scientific research behind nutrition to allow people to understand exactly why they need certain types of food to help their body function at its optimum level. This includes chapters on the benefits of fats, the dangers of becoming vegetarian, the benefits of sauces, how to properly prepare foods, benefits and drawbacks of consuming milk, problems with soy foods and much more (including diet advice for all ages).

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While Nourishing Traditions includes much information on foods that are healthy, it is important to realize that not everyone has the same needs when it comes to eating. This means that it may take some time to figure out the right proportion of food types to include in your diet.

This book has many positive reviews regarding the style in which it was written as well as advice that is backed up by scientific research. However, not everyone agrees with all of the claims – especially those regarding vegetarianism. There are also many mixed findings when it comes to scientific research, where one theory may seem proven and then disproven within the space of a few articles.

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  • This book doesn’t ask you to dramatically alter your eating habits or eliminate specific foods.
  • The recipes in this book may improve your overall health.


  • You may not lose any weight by using the recipes in this book.
  • Nourishing Traditions is over 700 pages long which may be overwhelming while looking for recipes or information.
  • This isn’t technically a weight loss book.


Nourishing Traditions is a very interesting alternative cookbook that doesn’t focus on eliminating fat or the foods you love. Instead, it deals more with old fashioned methods of preparation that keep most of the nutrients in many types of food while eliminating processed ingredients. This book probably won’t help you lose much weight if any at all but will probably make your body run better than it does now if you follow the recipes and use them frequently.

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