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Every dieter would love to have a personal chef to cook healthy, low calorie meals. Rocco DiSpirito is that professional chef. His Now Eat This Diet book is a companion to the Now Eat This Cookbook, which published first. The chef offers simple diet and exercise guidelines and a long list of recipes that fit into the six meal a day program. Many of the meals average 250 to 300 calories, perfect for weight loss. The author is not a trained nutritionist, so diet tips may not have the educational or professional backing as other weight loss programs. Reviews of the book are generally positive, but some reviewing websites claim the book reads a little choppy with some points repeated multiple times. Repetition is the key to memory, so maybe DiSpirito was simply trying to force the dieter into remembering the most important aspects of the diet.

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Simple diet and weight loss program by professional chef Rocco DiSpirito.

Product Features

Flipping through the Now Eat This Diet book, the dieter will see two clear sections. The first section is dedicated to explaining the diet with a brief aside about exercise. There is also a bit of information on the 14-day Jumpstart plan. The second half of the book is dedicated to recipes to make weight loss easier. We expected many recipes because the author is a professional chef. There is a Now Eat This Diet cookbook available with even more recipes.

The concept behind the Now Eat This Diet is simple – eat fewer calories and burn more calories to lose weight. The author suggests eating six meals per day, but we assume this means three meals and three snacks as most of the recipes have around 300 calories.

The recipes are simple – maybe too simple. Breakfast may consist of a whole grain English muffin with egg substitute and Canadian bacon. Lunch may be a BLT with a very small amount of crumbled bacon and fat free mayo. What many dieters did get out of the book was a great collection of new low calorie recipes, some with odd ingredients like Agave Nectar and Beet Juice. Rocco covers breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts.

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  • Simple, low calorie recipes for weight loss.
  • Eating more keeps the metabolism moving.
  • The book is affordable.
  • The author is a professional chef.


  • Not a new weight loss concept.
  • Some of the information is repeated over and over again.


When it comes to dieting, food is a common problem. How can the dieter eat the foods they love without breaking the calorie bank? Rocco DiSpirito offers low calorie recipes that taste great and keep within the 300 calorie mark, in most cases. Even if the dieter does not follow the diet laid out in the book, they may benefit from the recipes.

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