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The weight loss supplement market used to be packed with products that claimed to increase metabolism or burn fat. Then, companies started using diuretics and laxatives for weight loss and the market changed. Diuretics and laxatives have a place in natural healing, but that place is not weight loss. Water retention is a common problem caused by healthy conditions and diet. Sometimes, dieters feel a diuretic can help them feel better and shed that extra water, but the resulting weight loss is temporary as the body will store more water immediately after the supplement is digested. NOW Foods Water Out is an herbal diuretic supplement that should not be used for weight loss or for extended periods without physician approval and kidney testing.

List of Ingredients

Vitamin B6, Potassium, Uva Ursi, Dandelion, Goldenrod, Juniper, Buchu and Bladderwrack.

Product Features

NOW Foods Water Out combines all the popular diuretics into one strong supplement. The product description does not claim weight loss benefits, but it does state the supplement helps relieve temporary water retention. Temporary is the key word, as this supplement should not be taken for long periods. There are also claims of urinary tract and kidney support. Diuretics may help flush the urinary tract, but the kidneys actually work harder processing urine, which is why kidney tests are essential when taking prescription diuretics.

In addition to the diuretics uva ursi, dandelion, goldenrod, juniper, buchu and bladderwrack, potassium is added to the supplement. Diuretics cause potassium loss; so many supplement manufacturers add potassium to the supplement to restore potassium levels. Supplemental potassium may work to prevent negative side effects of potassium loss, but the dieter needs to consume naturally occurring potassium as well. Tuna is a good source of potassium with a punch of lean protein thrown in for good measure.

Diuretics may cause negative side effects like constipation, dry skin, dry eyes, electrolyte imbalance, potassium loss and dehydration. Overuse can cause kidney failure or death. NOW Foods Water Out, and other similar products, is commonly used by bodybuilders to reduce water trapped between the skin and muscle. There is at least one case of death associated with diuretic use and bodybuilding.

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  • NOW Foods Water Out may reduce temporary water retention.
  • The product replenishes potassium.


  • Will not increase weight loss or metabolism.
  • Could cause negative side effects.
  • Overuse of diuretics may affect kidney function.
  • Overuse of diuretics may lead to death.


Diuretics have a place in natural, herbal therapy, but weight loss is not that place. If a dieter has eaten a salty meal and wants to shed that extra stored water, this supplement may work wonders. However, any weight loss while taking NOW Foods Water Out is not associated with fat loss.

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