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Nu Beginning Plus is a fat burning and fat blocking supplement that was produced in 2007 and 2008, as far as can be determined. There is relatively no information on the Internet regarding the ingredient make-up or manufacturer of this supplement. Nu-Life Supplements have been around for more than 45 years and several current products carry the Nu name. Nu Life also produces a line of energy and weight loss supplements, so the Nu Beginning Plus product could have been discontinued by this company. Any and all information available online about Nu Beginning Plus will be assumption as there are few facts known about the product.

List of Ingredients

Potentially, Chitosan, Choline and Chromium.

Product Features

Without much information, the only lead is a blog entry on a low carb website. The dieter revealed that Nu Beginning Plus was a fat blocker and fat burner. Similar products available today contain Chitosan, Chromium and Choline. Choline and Chromium are the natural fat burners in the supplement, but neither ingredient shows much promise for effectively burning fat. Chitosan is the fat absorber used in many similar products.

If Nu Beginning Plus included Chitosan, there is some medical evidence that the ingredient does slow down the digestive system and block some fat calories. However, the total number of calories blocked per day is about 10. This number of blocked calories will not lead to substantial weight loss. As a source of fiber, Chitosan shows promise, but again weight loss effects would be negligible.

No prices could be found online for Nu Beginning Plus. Suffice it to say the supplement is no longer available for sale online or offline. The dieter mentioning the product on the low carb blog noted the expiration date on the bottle was February of 2008.

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  • Chitosan could block about 10 fat calories per day.
  • It could have been a product of Nu Life, which continues to produce natural supplements.


  • Nu Beginning Plus is no longer available for sale.
  • No complete ingredient list could be found.
  • Information on the product manufacturer is unavailable.
  • Nu Beginning Plus probably contained ingredients lacking scientific proof.
  • Consumers have no good source of information on the product.


Nu Beginning Plus could have been an older product from Nu Life. Without current online information about the product, this is just speculation. Nu Beginning Plus was a fat burner and fat absorber, which means it could have included Chitosan. Chitosan is currently being studied by several medical associations for its fiber content and its ability to alter the acid content of bile. Weight loss implications for Chitosan, or many of the other claimed fat absorbers and blockers, have been proven false or lacking proper support.

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