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Nu-Zymes Digestive Enzymes is designed to aid the body with proper digestion. Nu-Zymes helps your body’s digestive process with all natural enzymes, and helps to break down starches, proteins, sugars, fats, carbohydrates, fibers, and lactose so they can be absorbed properly. Enzymes work to help your body release the nutrients that are stuck in the fiber that your body consumes which allows more minerals to be absorbed by your body. Nu-Zymes Digestive Enzymes is not designed to help users lose weight, but rather to help the body in the digestive process. But the makers of Nu-Zymes Digestive Enzymes claim that the product can help users lose the extra pounds because it helps break down fats more efficiently which will help your body process the nutrients from fats more efficiently, and thus, help you lose weight.

List of Ingredients

Ingredients include: Amylase (digests carbohydrates, sugars and starches), Protease (breaks down proteins in the body), Lactase (digests the milk sugar lactose), Lipase (digests fats), Cellulase (breaks down fibers), Acidophilus (known as the “friendly” bacteria), and CereCalase (our special blend of 3 enzymes-phytase, hemicellulase and beta-glucanase).

Product Features

Nu-Zymes Digestive Enzymes ingredients are geared towards breaking down things that the body intakes with food in a more efficient manner so that the body can absorb the most nutrients. Nu-Zymes Digestive Enzymes specifically helps the body break down fats so that the body can reap the most nutritional value from them.

Nu-Zymes Digestive Enzymes are available from the company website, as well as, many other websites that sell diet products and supplements. A 30-day money back guarantee is offered on the product from the company website and most of the other websites that sell Nu-Zymes Digestive Enzymes. There are also a lot of costomer testimonials available on the company website and on most of the other websites that sell Nu-Zymes Digestive Enzymes. The majority of the testimonials are positive.

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  • Customer testimonials are positive.
  • Most sites that sell Nu-Zymes Digestive Enzymes offer a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Proper digestion can aid with overall health.


  • Nu-Zymes Digestive Enzymes is not a weight loss product.
  • There are no proven appetite suppressants in Nu-Zymes Digestive Enzymes.
  • There is no research published that proves that Nu-Zymes Digestive Enzymes works.
  • No diet or exercise plan is encouraged in conjunction with Nu-Zymes Digestive Enzymes.


Nu-Zymes Digestive Enzymes is a product that may be able to help with your overall digestive tract and digestion in general. But, if you are looking for a product to help with weight loss you might want to continue your search. A good weight loss product should include an appetite suppressant, a thermogenic formula, a healthy diet, and an exercise plan that works for you.

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  • 1

    I don’t know what all of these ingredients are. I have just been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. And still having Digestive issues. Would Nuzymes be safe for me to take?


  • 2
    vanessa hayes

    I have been diagnosis as a Type 2 Diabetic will this product help me


  • 3
    Marilyn Diedrich

    I am interested in Nu-zymes and would like to find out the price.

    Thank you,
    Marilyn Diedrich


  • 4

    Is this product more of a laxative?


  • 5

    do emzynes work the same as nuzymes


  • 6
    Lynn Nelson

    Do Nu-Zymes have magnesium stearate in them?
    Thank you.





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