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NuEphedra, also known as NuPhedrine is an ephedra-free weight loss supplement that claims remarkable weight loss with safe, effective ingredients. There are only two ingredients in the supplement, one to increase metabolism and the other to inhibit appetite. Theoretically, these two ingredients are all the dieter needs to lose weight, when taken with an exercise program and reduced calorie diet, but the two ingredients in NuEphedra are neither safe nor effective. Dieters may look at the before and after photos and ask why they shouldn’t give NuEphedra a try. The simple reason is this – before and after photos do not tell the complete story. These dieters could have taken other product in combination with the NuEphedra or taken a completely different supplement all together. The ingredient list tells the only true story about a supplement.

List of Ingredients

Hoodia and Advantra Z.

Product Features

Hoodia, the star of the weight loss world not too long ago, is derived from a South African Cactus. The first problem with NuEphedra is the lack of CITES certificate. In order to export real Hoodia, the South African government requires a CITES certificate. If the company is not willing to show this certificate, we can assume the Hoodia included in the supplement is not authentic and it may not even be Hoodia.

NuEphedra claims P 57 is the source of appetite suppression. Again, in theory, P 57 would suppress appetite, but clinical studies found a problem with appetite suppression claims. P 57, the active ingredient in Hoodia, is metabolized by the liver before the brain gets the signal to stop eating. Animal testing even used injected pure P 57 and the message never made the trip. What does this mean for the dieter? The active ingredient does not prevent hunger or make the dieter feel full because the body digests it before it has a chance to do anything.

Advantra Z is synephrine, a stimulant. As much as the weight loss community would like dieters to believe synephrine is a healthy, safe alternative to ephedra that is not the case. Synephrine causes some of the same side effects as ephedra, including increased heart rate and increased blood pressure. There are no clinical trials supporting weight loss claims associated with the ingredient.

NuEphedra sells for $90 per box. This is far more expensive than comparable fat burners.

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  • Ingredients are listed online.


  • Goes by more than one name.
  • Contains Hoodia – an ingredient clinically proven to be ineffective.
  • Synephrine is associated with ephedra-like side effects.


Dieters should save their $90 and find a safe, effective diet supplement with proven ingredients. Green tea, chromium and caffeine have a plethora of human trial data supporting weight loss claims.

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