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Nueslim-19 is a dietary supplement developed by Sues Health Center. The intentions of this product are to reduce the user’s appetite and increase energy levels. By curbing appetite, the dieter is ideally supposed to consume fewer calories throughout the day, which may result in overall weight loss. This diet product sells via the official website for $14.95. Unlike many weight reduction supplements, Nueslim-19 is offered with a 100% satisfaction/money-back guarantee, which is unlimited in regards to time. We wish that more diet aid companies would do this!

There appear to be five main active components incorporated into Nueslim-19 pills. These are Calcium Pyruvate (assists with fat loss), Chromium Picolinate (helps regulate insulin), Ginseng (regulates blood sugar levels), L-Tyrosine (increases the user’s metabolism) and L-Phenylalanine (enhances mood). There are some testimonials posted on the official website to support the overall effectiveness of Nueslim-19. This weight loss supplement is claimed to be free of stimulants like caffeine, as well as known harmful components like Ephedrine. Judging from the official website, Nueslim-19 appears to be marketed toward women specifically. Although regular exercise and a healthy meal plan are not addressed on the website, Nueslim-19 should be taken with ample amounts of water, just like most modern weight reduction drugs.

List of Ingredients

Not available on the official website.

Product Features

Nueslim-19 is a weight management supplement geared towards women suffering from obesity. This diet product contains active ingredients like Calcium Pyruvate (assists with fat loss), Chromium Picolinate (helps regulate insulin), Ginseng (regulates blood sugar levels), L-Tyrosine (increases the user’s metabolism) and L-Phenylalanine (enhances mood), and endeavors to curb hunger cravings and boost energy levels. Nueslim-19 is taken daily with water and sells for $14.95. Although clinical research is absent from the official website, there is a “lifetime satisfaction guarantee” posted on the site. As far as a full list of supplement ingredients go, this data appears to be absent from the website.

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  • Nueslim-19 is stated to be free of any stimulants.
  • Active ingredients are clearly posted for Nueslim-19 pills.
  • There is a lifetime money-back guarantee offered with this diet drug.
  • Customer testimonials are presented on the official website.


  • All the ingredients for Nueslim-19 are not posted on the website.
  • Any potential warnings for Nueslim-19 pills are not specified on the website.
  • Some ingredients offered in Nueslim-19 supplements may cause allergic reactions in some dieters.
  • A healthy diet plan and regular physical exercise are not addressed on the official website.


As far as weight loss pills go, Nueslim-19 touches base on some of the more common issues like appetite suppression and increased energy. While it’s difficult to determine if this diet drug will work effectively for you as an individual, it is reassuring to see customer testimonials posted on the official website; not to mention a lifetime guarantee. On the other hand, it would also be beneficial to see the full list of ingredients found in Nueslim-19 pills for allergy reasons. Still, we definitely appreciate the company’s solid return policy.

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    I have used Nueslim in the past, bought it from Sue’s at E-bay… IT ABSOLUTELY WORKED FOR ME!!! Been trying to RE-ORDER but cannot locate. Where exactly can I buy this product?