Nuga Low Frequency Pad Review

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Nuga Low Frequency Pad is an electrical device that claims to increase circulation to the area where low frequency waves are administered. Among the claims made by the manufacturer is a removal of fat tissue from the abdomen area. This is an unrealistic claim as no product known to man can remove fat tissue from the body. Fat is accumulated in cells which expand as more fat is stored. There are no tissues that the Nuga Low Frequency Pad can remove from the exterior of the body.

List of Ingredients

Nuga Low Frequency pads and base unit.

Product Features

The description for the Nuga Low Frequency Pad claims a gentle massaging effect on the body. This massaging effect can be used to ease joint and muscle pains. The claims of decreasing fat tissue are far-fetched and unfounded in clinical research. When too many calories are eaten, the body processes the calories and stores the extra energy as fat. Fat cells can expand to meet the needs of the fat stores. When vibrations or radio waves are applied to the skin, fat stores are not melted, broken down or shrunk.

Nuga Low Frequency Pad effects on the skin are described as being similar to a finger massage. There is no heat effect listed, so the product could not even claim the fat cells are liquefied and reabsorbed into the body as is the case with some heat based fat reduction units. Pads can be used on various parts of the body including arms, legs and abdomen. Most often, Nuga Low Frequency Pads are sold to clinics for use on a per minute basis. The official Nuga website offers information on how to receive a free 10 minute session with a local provider. This 10 minute session will not effectively reduce body fat.

There are no prices listed for the Nuga Low Frequency Pad, but the manufacturer is based out of Kenya, Africa. Shipping and handling for an international order could be significant. There are no testimonials listed on the website from users who have lost weight or inches by using the unit.

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  • Muscle relaxation.


  • Shipping and handling costs could be significant.
  • Therapeutic centers are located in Africa.
  • There are no clinical trials listed supporting weight loss or fat loss claims.
  • Vibrations cannot remove fat tissue.
  • Fat cells do not respond to massage.


The Nuga Low Frequency Pad is just another massaging product that wants to claim weight loss effects to increase sales. There is no reason for the dieter to believe that a gentle vibration will remove fat tissue. The only way to reduce fat cells size is to reduce fat stores through diet, exercise and proper supplementation.

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