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Nu-Kitchen Fresh for Nutrisystem is a fresh, meal delivery system servicing New York City. Nu-Kitchen was once a privately owned company, but Nutrisystem bought out the company and started offering weight loss meals in addition to standard meal delivery. The company delivers only in the New York City, so dieters wanting to follow the Nutrisystem plan in other parts of the United States will have to stick with the traditional Nutrisystem plan.

List of Ingredients

Fresh, weight loss meals delivered to specific areas of New York City.

Product Features

The Nu-Kitchen Fresh for Nutrisystem meal delivery service used to have an official website, but that link now leads to the official website for Nutrisystem. The fresh delivery service is not listed on the front page of the Nutrisystem website. Nu-Kitchen Fresh for Nutrisystem sold meals a la carte and through meal plans. The a la carte prices were $8.95 for breakfast, $11.95 for lunch, $13.95 for dinner and $3.50 for snacks. All meals are cooked fresh and served in a thermal container. None of the meals or snacks are frozen. Meals are designed to be refrigerated for one-week, so the dieter has enough time to eat them before the expiration date. Without an official website, we have no idea if the buyout of Nu-Kitchen by Nutrisystem means the New York City based meal delivery service is now out of business or not.

The cost of meals on the Nu-Kitchen Fresh for Nutrisystem plan are more expensive than the traditional Nutrisystem plan, but dieters do not need to purchase extra ingredients, like they do no traditional Nutrisystem. All meals and snacks provide a full day’s nutrition, without extra foods. The increased price reflects this difference.

Nu-Kitchen does not directly mention exercise, but dieters should complete at least 30 to 45 minutes of exercise most days of the week. Exercise is important for increasing metabolism and improving quality of sleep.

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  • Meals are cooked and delivered fresh.
  • No need to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Low-calorie to promote weight loss.
  • Meals come with instructions for heating and eating.


  • The official website is no longer in service.
  • Dieters must live in or around New York City.
  • Nutrisystem bought out the company so fresh meals may no longer be available.


When it comes to cooking healthy and measuring total calories per meal and snack, dieters often slip or have too little time to shop and cook for weight loss. Nu-Kitchen Fresh for Nutrisystem offers a unique, fresh meal delivery service to people in New York City. The meals are created for weight loss, but they could be used as general meal replacements. Dieters may have to contact Nutrisystem to see if the program is still operational.

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