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Nu-Kitchen is a fresh meal delivery service delivering to most of New York City. The company was purchased by Nutrisystem. After the purchase, the company continued to deliver healthy, weight loss meals throughout New York, but the official website is no longer operational, so we have no idea if the service is still running. Nu-Kitchen is unique because meals are changed each week depending on the local, fresh ingredients available at any given time. Dieters can choose meals up until the night before their delivery is due to be dropped off. Meals are delivered in cooled thermal containers. There are no prepackaged or frozen meals on the Nu-Kitchen menu. We found no information on the total calories per meal.

List of Ingredients

Fresh meals delivered in New York City.

Product Features

If a dieter is tired of ordering meal deliveries only to find they need to travel to the grocery store for fruits, vegetables and other extras, the Nu-Kitchen meal delivery service may be the ideal choice – if the dieter lives in New York City that is. Nu-Kitchen prepares fresh meals and snacks for dieters who want the best of both worlds, meal delivery and fresh ingredients. Nutrisystem, the leader in meal delivery for weight loss, purchased the Nu-Kitchen company. The link to the Nu-Kitchen website now leads to Nutrisystem as a result of the purchase. The front page of Nutrisystem does not mention the meal delivery service.

According to a brief description of the program, Nu-Kitchen offered a new menu each week, including desserts and fresh snacks. Dieters could choose a new menu selection up to 24 hours before their delivery was scheduled. It looks like the company delivered every day, which could account for the higher than average price.

Breakfast costs $8.95. Lunch costs $11.95 and dinner costs $13.95. Snacks are available for $3.50 each. There are no extras needed with the Nu-Kitchen program. Complete nutrition is provided with three meals and two snacks per day. We found no testimonials associated with the Nu-Kitchen service, though several news articles featured the company as a healthy option for New York City residents.

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  • Fresh ingredients are used to create Nu-Kitchen meals.
  • Purchased by Nutrisystem to provide fresh, weight loss meals for less.


  • The official website is no longer active.
  • The service could have been discontinued by Nutrisystem.
  • Meals require refrigeration, taking up space in the refrigerator.


Nu-Kitchen is a new kind of meal delivery service for dieters. Instead of sending prepackaged meals and snacks, the company cooks fresh meals and delivers them daily. Meals are nutritionally complete, so dieters do not have to shop for extras like fruit and vegetables.

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