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Nussentials is a nutritional company that sells products with stabilized rice bran. Nussentials is a three-fold company that sells nutritional products, offers residual incomes to others who sell and donates portions of their sales to children in poverty. Rice bran products are full of natural fiber and whole grain goodness, but there are health issues related to consuming rice bran.

List of Ingredients

Less! – Whey (milk) Protein Concentrate, Whey (milk) Protein Isolate, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Stevia, Sucralose (Splenda Brand), Stabilized Rice Bran.

Alert! – Proprietary Blend: Aloe Vera, Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, Acai, Guarana Extract, Taurine, Yerba Mate & D-Ribose and 72 trace minerals.

Product Features

The product list for Nussentials includes Alert!, Cardio!, Less!, More!, Multi!, NuJava!, Qi, Relax!, Restore! and Run! Less! is the closest thing to a weight loss supplement. Created with rice bran and whey protein, Nussentials claims the powdered protein mix will reduce hunger and help a dieter reach weight loss goals. There are no appetite suppressants included in the supplement. It is possible to use the Less! shakes as meal replacements to control caloric intake. One scoop of Nussentials Less! has only 118 calories. With 20 grams of protein, 80 of the total calories per scoop are pure, lean protein.

Alert! is marketed as an energy supplement. The formula contains caffeine, green tea and Guarana. Green tea is proven to increase metabolism, but adding two more stimulants could make the supplement too strong for some dieters. The main ingredient in Alert! is aloe vera. Aloe vera is a natural laxative, which means any weight lost taking this supplement could be attributed to water loss from diarrhea.

Rice bran, the main ingredient in all Nussentials products contains arsenic. Arsenic is a carcinogenic that may lead to future health problems and potentially cancer. Nussentials sells all products online through an official storefront. Through the storefront, dieters can choose to order products as needed or place supplements on an auto-ship program for cheaper prices. Product prices for single orders range from $30 to $80.

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  • Some Nussentials products contain green tea.
  • Stimulants can increase heart rate and metabolism.
  • Prices are comparable to other fitness supplements.
  • Nussentials contributes money to various organizations and children in poverty.


  • All Nussentials products contain rice bran.
  • Rice bran contains arsenic, a known carcinogenic.


Nussentials markets products to people wanting a more holistic lifestyle with whole rice bran and protein. Rice bran is not necessarily a safe ingredient as some studies have shown rice bran to contain arsenic. Arsenic is a carcinogenic that may cause cancer. In terms of fitness, Nussentials does not offer supplements that will significantly increase weight loss or improve metabolism.

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5 User Reviews about Nussentials

  • 1

    The Nussentials Products do what they say. I have lost 26# over 3 months very slowly and permanently using a More Shake in the morning and a Less meal replacement bar 3-4 days a week, with lots of water. Great plan!! the Restore for Skin is an amazing topical skin emulsion that has faded age spots from sun damage on hands and scalp and dispelled wrinkles on my face. Arsenic is a naturally occurring element (look around #33 on the Period Table) that also accumulates in shellfish. I found your write up pretty inflammatory and half truthful Aresenic can cause cancer in large doses, and so can sugar!


  • 2

    I think your review of Nussentials is completely irresponsible and uninformed. I use or have used several of the Nussential products. Run, Restore, Alert, Core and Multi are all great products. They are all natural and I recommend them to anyone that wants to feel better.If they choose to lose weight the less product is a great product to use. The best way to lose weight is to exercise and watch your diet.


  • 3
    Heather Reed

    I have been taking the Less, the Restore and the Multi vitamin for almost a month now and feel much better then had been feeling. I have also lost weight and some fatty areas are smoothing out I could be happier.


  • 4

    Arsenic is present in all agricultural products.Rice bran is safe and meets all regulatory requirements for food/feed.There is no credible scientific evidence linking consumption of rice products with cancer or any other health risk.I find your post irresponsible and void of any fact…aloe vera the main ingredient in !ALERT are you crazy? The main ingredient is B vitamins(B12-8333% of your RDA)less caffeine than a half cup of coffee. I take !ALERT everyday and love it…diarrhea, what a joke!



    I agree, I take this product and your information is incorrect and unfounded. Alert is predominantly B12 and is not contraindicated in person’s with heart conditions, auto-immune or weight loss. Absolutely safe!