NuStrength Fitness Program Review

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What You Should Know

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NuStrength Fitness Program has a two formula approach, where one supplement is used during the day, and the other at night. The night formula helps to promote good sleep which is a key to weight loss, while the day formula helps to burn fat and control the blood sugar to help prevent cravings. The formula claims to use a variety of vitamins and minerals, but is only targeted to men. A closer look at the formula and how it works will help determine whether or not this product lives up to its claims.

List of Ingredients

NuStrength Fitness Program contains the following ingredients: lipoic acid, acetyl l-carnitine, betaglucan, quercitin, horny goat weed, indium sulfate, melatonin, and lipase enzyme.

Product Features

NuStrength Fitness Program boasts all natural ingredients, and no caffeine. Though this is true, there are no active ingredients in the formula that will do anything to promote weight loss through appetite suppression or burning fat. Horny goat weed is considered a natural aphrodisiac, but it does nothing for weight loss. Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that helps to regulate the body’s natural sleep cycle. Each bottle contains 15 servings, but no pricing information is available for the product. The supplement is to be taken twice a day, one tablet of the day formula in the morning, and one tablet of the night formula before bed. The formula may help people feel better and give them more energy which may help them get through exercise, but no real results should be expected.

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  • This product provides multivitamins and contains a hormone that will promote healthy sleep.


  • There is no pricing information.
  • This product is not recommended for women.
  • NuStrength Fitness Program does not contain ingredients that will help with weight loss.
  • There are many negative customer experiences posted online.
  • No word on a money back guarantee.


NuStrength Fitness Program is definitely a supplement to avoid. We do not recommend supplements that are not safe for both men and women, and we do not understand why the supplement is only being marketed to men. The fact that there are no proven ingredients, combined the negative reviews and the lack of pricing information is enough to send us running. Rather than throwing money down the drain with this product, look for a product that contains proven appetite suppression or fat burning ingredients in proven amounts. The ideal supplement should also come with a money back guarantee. To accelerate weight loss results, use the supplement with a balanced diet and regular exercise routine.

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