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NuTec Performance Labs formulates sports nutritional supplements. The company currently only offers one supplement for sale to athletes and dieters. The supplement – Lean Rescue – claims to increase fat loss with the power of green tea and EGCG. NuTec Performance Labs offers offline ordering through selected retailers and complete ingredient information on the Lean Rescue supplement.

List of Ingredients

Lean Rescue – Vitamin B6, Green Tea Extract, Chocamine Plus, N-acetyl L-tyrosine, Green Coffee Bean Extract, i-FAS50 and Caffeine.

Product Features

Lean Rescue is designed to increase fat loss and some of the ingredients support that effect in the body. With 450 mg of green tea per three capsule dose, this supplement has more than enough green tea to affect metabolism. There are clinical studies proving the positive effects of green tea on metabolism and fat burn, but NuTec Performance Labs does not list any of these studies.

Green tea, unless noted as decaffeinated, contains caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant that is also proven to aid in fat loss. Lean Rescue by NuTec Performance Labs also adds caffeine, Chocamine Plus and more green tea in the iFAS50 complex. That makes four sources of stimulation in one supplement. Too many stimulants can leave the dieter feeling sick, shaky and uncomfortable. Headaches may also be a common side effect.

NuTec Performance Labs does not support dieters ordering products online. There is a list of retailers that currently sell NuTec Performance Labs supplements and some offer products online. NuTec Performance Labs Lean Rescue sells for $54.89. There are no testimonials on the official website, but retailers list testimonials. Consumers tend to rate the formula highly, but for the dieter who may be sensitive to caffeine or stimulants, the increase in heart rate may be too much. There could also be health risks associated with taking Lean Rescue for patients with heart problems.

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  • Green tea will increase metabolism.
  • Caffeine will increase metabolism.
  • Ingredients and amounts are listed online.
  • NuTec Performance labs products are sold online.
  • The price is comparable to other fitness supplements.


  • There are four stimulants in one formula.
  • NuTec Performance Labs only produces one supplement.
  • No testimonials are listed on the official website.
  • Patients with heart related illnesses might wish to stay away from Lean Rescue.
  • NuTec does not sell products on the official website.
  • No guarantee or free trial is listed.


NuTec Performance Labs has formulated a powerful fitness supplement that may help some dieters to lose weight and fat. If the dieter is not sensitive to caffeine or stimulants, the formula will increase heart rate and cause a need for additional calories. If even the slightest sensitivity exists or the dieter has a previous history of heart problems, Lean Rescue may be too strong.

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