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Nutra Ban seems to be a weight loss company that sells products outside of the United States. There is very little information about the company aside from a couple of consumer reports filed against the company for fraudulent charges. There are, however, several websites using the Nutra Ban name. and are two such sites and neither sell a Nutra Ban supplement nor reference the name Nutra Ban outside of the domain and search terms.

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Super Acai?

LiquiBoost Colon Cleanse?

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While we could find very little information on Nutra Ban on our own, we did follow a link from a consumer report website that listed two products sold by the Nutra Ban company. The two products listed are Super Acai and LiquiBoost Colon Cleanse. The links to each of these products are not the same as the names listed. The Super Acai link takes the consumer to an Acai Weight Loss website. The LiquiBoost link takes the consumer to the ColoPure Advanced website. This is the first indication that there is a problem with the Nutra Ban company. The terms of service do not list Nutra Ban as the company behind the products.

The second consumer report we found listed Nutra Ban being associated with acai and colon cleansing products as well. This time the consumer was charged a large sum of money for trial products. In place of the trial, she received multiple bottles and was then charged for those bottles. In the fine print of both supplements, there is mention of being placed on a recurring billing program with the cost of each supplement being about $85.

Taking the supplements at face value and putting the consumer reports to the side, acai berry has not been linked to weight loss. Antioxidant support, anti-aging and overall health and wellness; yes, but not weight loss. Colon cleansing is good for the occasional treatment of constipation, but that is not the same as weight loss. For the price of these supplements, a consumer could visit a local vitamin shop and buy an acai berry supplement and a natural colon cleanser, plus order a proven weight loss supplement.

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  • None.


  • Several consumer complaints claim Nutra Ban makes fraudulent charges.
  • Acai berry is not associated with weight loss.
  • Colon cleansing is not a healthy weight loss solution.
  • Nutra Ban has no official website.
  • No connection could be made between the acai supplement and colon cleanser and Nutra Ban.


The Nutra Ban name is used by several other websites, but we could find no such company. Consumer complain of Nutra Ban charging their credit card for supplements they never ordered, which is hard to prove with no official website or link nutritional supplement.

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    Yvonne Palmer

    Does nutra ban use NOVAPAY-OL8772923588 for payment? This has showed up on my Visa statement and I’m not sure where it came from. Thank you so much for your help.



    i too have been charged on card after ordering nutra ban – couple of days later – did you have any luck with credit card company query ?