Nutra Trim 7 Review

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What You Should Know

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MTE Nutrition is the manufacturer for Nutra Trim 7. As a diet booster, Nutra Trim 7 claims to help dieters lose weight by increasing metabolism and decreasing hunger. The company does not reference any clinical trials though at least one ingredient on the list has been proven to have some effect on weight loss. MTE Nutrition also carries other weight loss and dietary supplements. Supplements can be purchased through the website and are backed with an unconditional money back guarantee. Products can be returned for a full refund minus a 10% fee.

List of Ingredients

Chromium Picolinate, Apple Cider Vinegar, Phenylalanine, Kelp, Herbal Complex – Cornsilk, Parsley and Uva Ursi, Lecithin and Vitamin B6.

Product Features

Nutra Trim 7 contains seven ingredients and thus the “7” in the name. Each ingredient is listed on the official website with the total amount in one serving or three tablets. The ingredients in the Nutra Trim 7 formula, however, are not the strongest available for dieters today.

Chromium Picolinate has been used to regulate blood sugar levels for many years. Typically marketed as an appetite suppressant, the theory of suppressing hunger centers on the effect of rising and falling glucose levels on appetite. When carbohydrates are ingested, levels rise. A crash soon follows and the dieter feels hungry again. Chromium may work to help control this rise and fall.

Aside from Chromium, no other ingredients are proven to aid in weight loss at all. Apple Cider Vinegar is a fad diet ingredient that some believe will magically increase metabolism. Research studies have proven this claim to be false. The Herbal Complex is comprised of natural diuretics, which could be where the majority of the weight loss results from Nutra Trim 7 are founded. Diuretics remove fluid from the body. This can lead to short-term weight loss.

Nutra Trim 7 sells for $23.75 plus $4.95 shipping and handling. The product is only approved for sale in the United States.

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  • Chromium Picolinate may have some effect on hunger.
  • All ingredients and amounts are listed.
  • The price is comparable to other weight loss supplements.


  • Some of the ingredients are associated with fad diets.
  • Only one ingredient is proven to help with weight loss.
  • The Herbal Complex is nothing more than three diuretics.
  • Diuretic use for weight loss can lead to dehydration.


Nutra Trim 7 is not a useful weight loss supplement. Chromium may offer a small amount of benefit when taken as part of the formula, but the other ingredients are not going to produce a lasting weight loss effect. Diuretic use may produce some weight loss, but dehydration will most likely be the result. Water intake should be increased when taking any weight loss supplement with a diuretic ingredient.

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