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NutraBio, a diet supplement manufacturer, was founded by martial arts expert Mark Glazier in 1996. Offering a full line of diet and nutrition products designed to aid in everything from building muscle to weight loss, NutraBio performs in-house testing on each of the raw ingredients that go into each of their products.

Bodybuilders like many of the NutraBio herbal supplements, such as Tribulus, as well as the muscle-mass building products such as creatine, known in the athletic world as one of the most effective and widely-used bodybuilding supplement on the current market. NutraBio sells several creatine forumulations.

For weight loss, NutraBio offers products containing such popular products as ACAI berry and L-carnitine that may aid in quicker metabolism of fat energy. They market CLA, an essential fatty acid that may help trim fat and increase muscle, under the brand name Tonalin®. NutraBio offers a complete line of whey protein powders and meal replacement shakes too.

List of Products

  • Amino acids, AKG, creatine, glutamine, proteins, ribose, tribulus, acai berry, lipolean, thermofuel, vitamin and mineral supplements, nutrient powders, meal replacement shakes, herbal aids, immune system enhancers.
  • Product Features

    NutraBio does not add fillers , excipients, flavorings or sweeteners that could detract from the performance of the active ingredients in NutraBio products. Once the raw ingredients for NutraBio products reach the manufacturing facility, they undergo in-house testing to verify their purity and potency. NutraBio uses HDPE (high density polyethylene) bottles that their marketing literature says protects product potency from ultraviolet rays and moisture.

    NutraBio creates its own formulations from basic ingredients in relatively small batches, so products are fairly fresh. According to the company information at, they make powdered products every 7-10 days and capsules every week to two weeks. The company manages quality control by testing each product batch during the manufacturing process and again when production is complete. All supplements made by NutraBio are backed by a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee.

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    • Purity of active ingredients
    • Freshness for full potency
    • Thorough testing of each batch
    • Full line of supplements
    • Each product has a NutraBio certificate of analysis


    • Due to small batches, orders can be delayed until the product is available
    • Batch testing is done in-house rather than by an independent third party
    • Extensive list of products makes it hard to choose the right one
    • Products are not FDA approved


    Feedback from some body builders acknowledges the efficacy of NutraBio’s product line. Most NutraBio products are more geared towards adding muscle mass and bulk rather than reducing body fat, Their fat-burning and metabolism-stimulating products for those customers who are interested in weight loss are subject to the manufacturer’s quality control policies but have not been exposed to scientific scrutiny.

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    4 User Reviews about NutraBio

    • 1

      there will be any affect on sparm production d sexual harmonies ????


    • 2
      Seba R

      I’ve been purchasing NutraBio products for many years now and its always a great experience. I’ve only trust their whey protein isolate because it is always consistence. never any concentrate mixed in. They never use ion exchange which is inferior whey protein and they never spike the protein with amino acids. Their labels are clear and don’t use proprietary blends so you can completely trust them. Just started using the PRE a few weeks ago. Bought it with my last purchase of protein and I love it. Give me amazing energy and focus during my MMA workout. A+ company….


    • 3
      hari kistna reddi

      Dear Nutrabio

      I am Mr hari kistna Reddi from Mauritius, am very interested in purchasing your products in bulk but The Ministry Of Health Mauritius requires heavy metals test to be done regarding imported products.

      so will you be able to help with that and to produce/forward to me the necessary documents please?

      i hope that i can rely on your kind understanding and coorperation

      Kindest regards
      H K Reddi


    • 4
      Jason Amota

      Just recently ordered Arginine, Arginine Ethyl Ester Powder and Arginine Pyroglutamine & Lysine. The latter was not included within my order because of it being on backorder. I had to wait an additional 10 days for them to send it out. It kind of screwed up my workout process of evaluating the product. The verdict is still out on their products!