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Nutrabliss, Inc. manufactures NatuRECT, a health supplement for men that is designed to boost endurance and stamina during intercourse. The manufacturer states that NatuRECT takes effect in as little as 15 minutes to heighten the entire intimate experience.

NatuRECT is a mixture of natural ingredients and it is far more economical than prescription treatments such as Cialis and Viagra, but those who have tried NatuRECT say it works just as well. Many testimonials state that the positive effects last a day or longer.

List of Ingredients

Wolfberry fruit, epimedium sagittatum, cassis bark, glangal fruit, ginseng, rehmannia root, yam, vitamins Bl, B12, and E.

Product Features

Nurtrabliss’ NatuRECT contains wolfberry, also known as matrimony vine and goji berry. Wolfberry contributes nutrient value and antioxidant power to any formulation, plus 18 amino acids and 6 essential vitamins.

The epimedium sagittatum found in NatuRECT is an herb native to southern China that has long been valued as an aphrodisiac. In fact, this herb also goes by the names “horny goat weed” and “rowdy lamb herb.” Epimedium works in the same way as sildenfafil in Viagra to promote sexual function, but it is not FDA approved.

Ginseng, another ingredient of NatuRECT, is a supposed aphrodisiac derived from the root of the plant. A 2002 study conducted at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine confirmed that ginseng directly and positively affects libido and sexual performance in laboratory animals.

Rehmannia root, a Chinese herbal product, is an energy-inducing remedy that herbalists use to strengthen the vital organs and improve blood flow. Glangal fruit may produce the effect of restricting the flow of seminal fluid in order to increase male stamina. Wild yam, also called colic root, is a perennial vine that naturalists use for enhancing the sexual drive.

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  • Natural ingredients with added health benefits
  • Positive feedback from NatuRECT users
  • Sold over the counter-no prescription required
  • Less expensive than prescription drugs like Cialis and Viagra


  • Active herbal ingredients have not passed FDA scrutiny
  • Reviews are anecdotal; the product is not FDA approved
  • May not be as effective as prescription medications
  • Although less expensive, it may be ineffective for some people


NatuRECT by Nutrabliss Inc. is an herbal/botanical formula comprised of such folk-based aphrodisiacs as ginseng and wolfberry plus other herbal preparations that the manufacturer combines with the goal of strengthening male sexual function and increasing endurance and stamina during sex. Some customers confirm its efficacy. Less expensive and easier to purchase than the prescription drugs Viagra and Cialis, NatuRECT is also a natural product that many feel more comfortable taking. However, while Viagra and Cialis have gained FDA approval, NaturRect has not. Widely available at natural foods stores and websites, NatuRECT by Nutrabliss Inc. may be worth trying if you cannot afford a prescription product.

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