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Nutrabolics are advanced sports supplements to enhance athletic performance. With a focus on scientific research in such areas of study as fat loss, increased lean muscle mass, strength, stamina, libido, and enhancing the body’s testosterone production, Nutrabolics employs a large research staff to maintain its position as a leader in the sports supplement industry.

Isobolic from Nutrabolics is a protein supplement composed of a combination of protein components. Isobolic may help enhance a structured diet for those clients engaged in vigorous weight-training programs. Nutrabolic’s Anabolic Window supplements the transport and deposition of nutrients in muscle tissues to help restore glycogen and increase the level of free testosterone in the system. HemoTest is a Nutrabolic product that the manufacturer says will boost the body’s sex drive, energy level, and production of testosterone.

List of Ingredients

Insulean: K-R Alpha Lipoic acid; D-Pinitol; Banaba Leaf Extract; Gymenma Sylvestra; Goats rue; D-Biotin; Quercetin; gelatin, water, titanium dioxide, coloring and preservatives

Noz Full Throttle: Beta-alanine; creatine ethyl ester; L-citruline alpha-keto-glutarate; L-histdine alpha-keto-glutarate; gynostema pentaphyllum; betaine HCL; complex carbogydrates, glucose polymers, flavoring, artificial coloring

HemoTest: fenugreek extract, F-agrestis; cissus quadrangularis; epimedium sagittatum; LJ-100; Bulgarian tribulus terrestris; shilajit moomiyo; dodder seed; rhondiola thosea; white button mushroom; linum usitatissimum powder; cellulose, sodium, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, hydroxypropyl, methylcellulose, polyethylene glycol, artificial color, titanium dioxide polysorbate 80

Product Features

Nutrabolics prides itself on preparing its formulas on the basis of the latest scientific research. However, none of its supplements have undergone independent scientific testing. With the paid endorsements of award-winning male and female bodybuilders recommending each nutrabolic product, the manufacturer has claimed a sizeable market share in the competitive supplement arena.

Nutrabolics does not waste lip service on being “all natural” or “filler free.” Instead, each of the balanced nutritional supplements packs a maximum of active ingredients towards the desired goals of eliminating excess fat and adding lean muscle mass. Throw in a kick start for the libido and you’ve summed up the line. And don’t forget the testosterone, although the efficacy of these supplements for women is limited at best. Nutrabolics has a great marketing program, but some verified certification of their products would back up their claims.

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  • Tested by body builders
  • Products have the benefit of market research
  • Reportedly effective ingredients


  • Testers are paid for endorsements
  • Researched in-house so results are not independent
  • Contains fillers and artificial flavoring/coloring


Nutrabolics are marketed as high-powered fat burner and muscle mass supplements that the company says deliver cutting-edge scientific enhancement to body builders and other athletes. With products that include high-protein concentrates, amino acid formulas, products that optimize sex drive and testosterone production, and fat-burning formulations, Nutrabolics has earned a place among leading manufacturers in the supplement industry. Keep in mind when shopping for supplements that Nutrabolics products do contain fillers, preservatives, and artificial flavorings, and have not been approved by the FDA.

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