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Nutraceutical Sciences Inc. manufactures and markets herbal-based vitamins and supplements. Located in Boynton Beach, Florida, the company has been in business since 1994 producing preparations, vitamins, nutritional and weight management aids as well as low carb items.

Many health product companies use the term “nutraceutical” in marketing literature. However, the term does not have any regulatory validity, and is merely a marketing hybrid word, coined by Dr. Steven deFelice in 1989, that describes supplements that can benefit a person’s health. While Nutraceutical Sciences products are backed by in-house research and the advice of industry professionals, they are not medicinally tested supplements. Each product contains specific nutrients based on anecdotal evidence and herbal tradition.

Through a process their marketing materials call standardization, Nutraceutical Sciences identifies the part of the herb or plant that provides the most potent extract to use as active ingredients. With a full line of supplements ranging from anti-aging preparations to weight management, Nutraceutical Sciences Inc. offers lots of options.

List of Ingredients

Almaseed Synergy Diet: L-tyrosine; L-methionine; L-Lysine; L-threonine; L-tryptophan; L-leucine; L-isoleucine; L-valine; L-Histidine; L-phenylalanine; soy protein; honey; skim mik yogurt powder; vitamin C; niacin; vitamin E; zinc oxide; vitamin B2; vitamin B1; vitamin A; copper gluconate; folic acid; manganese sulfate; sodium selenite; potassium iodide; biotin; vitamin D3; vitamin B12.

Resveratrol Forte: French whole wine grape; giant knotweed root; rhizome extracts; Japanese sophora flower bud extract; vegetable capsule; rice maltodextrin; soy lecithin, mixed tocopherols, magnesium stearate; silicon dioxide; soybean oil.

Nutrex Research Lip 6 Black: Diiodo L-thyronine; 11-hydroxy-yohimbine; alpha-yonimbne; yohimbine HCL; methysynephrine; synephrine HCL; phenylethylamine HCL; methyl-b-phenylethylamine HCL; beta-methylphenylethylamine HCL; caffeine anhydrous; methylcaffeine; vegetable cellulose, glycerin; purified water, polysorbate 80; hypromellose; artificial coloring

Product Features

According to company marketing literature, all Nutraceutical Sciences products are made with a proprietary Ultrasorb Technology® that combines active ingredients with digestive aids to maximize the body’s absorption of the products. Plus, if you have difficulty swallowing pills, most preparations come in soft capsule form for easier swallowing and faster dissolving.

Nutraceutical Sciences relies on a paid advisory board of certified medical professionals. Board members help keep products updated based on expertise in their fields of knowledge.

Nutraceutical Sciences’ supplement line is more economical to buy than brand name products. You can buy the same potency and quality of ingredients without paying more. Testimonials affirm that customers appreciate the value and quality of Nutraceutical Sciences products. Mke sure that before you buy several supplements, you conduct your own research to affirm that Nutraceutical products work for you.

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  • Board of licensed medical professionals
  • Products selected for optimal potency
  • Less expensive than name brands
  • Full line of nutritional, sports, and weight loss formulas


  • Not independently certified
  • Not a name brand
  • It may be difficult to identify which supplements are most beneficial
  • Supplements contain fillers and artificial colors


Nutraceutical Sciences Inc. offers an extensive selection of dietary, nutritional, sports, and vitamin supplements approved by an in-house board of medical professionals. Each capsule-based preparation includes ingredients to assist the body’s absorption of nutrients. Nutraceutical Science products are less expensive than comparable name brand products. Because they are not FDA approved, be sure to try one product to see how it works for you before spending a lot of cash on several supplements.

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