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NutraCoastal Trading LLC is based in New York. It produces dietary supplements geared toward enhancing diet, energy, and athletic performance. Manufactured in a pharmaceutical environment in voluntary compliance with what they state are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines, NutraCoastal touts its products as having the ability to produce fast, measurable results.

In 2009, NutraCoastal instituted a voluntary recall of its supplements S-Drol and STEAM. S-Drol was recalled after testing revealed it contained the steroid desoxymethyltestosterone, a drug not approved by the FDA and not disclosed on the product ingredient list. The STEAM recall was due to the presence of Tadalafil, an active ingredient in FDA-approved erectile disfunction drug that NutraCoastal did not include on its list of product ingredients, thus placing consumers at risk of adverse reactions with other drugs. Also, the company was not authorized to sell products containing Tadalafil.

List of Ingredients

Vegas Nites Party Pill: caffeine anhydrous; vinpocentine; 5-Aydroxytryptophan; Yohimbe bark; epimedium saggitatium; calcium carbonate; vitamin B6; white willow bark; vitamin B12; magnesium stearate, rice flour; croscarmellose sodium; gelatin

STEAM: White willow bark extract; singe arrow grass tanacetum parthenium; polygonum multiflora extract, epimedium grandiflora; L-arginine HCI; magnesium stearate; rice flour; gelatin

Equilone (body building): Milk thistle; 19-norandrosta 4, diene 3; 17 dione; 3a-epithi-17a-methyletioalocholanol; magnesium stearate, rice flour, gelatin

Product Features

NutraCoastal’s Vegas Nites supplement supposedly keeps you energized for a full night of celebrating. It contains ingredients that may alleviate morning after symptoms. Vinpocetine is an active ingredient that advocates say increases blood circulation to the brain and is a derivative of the lesser periwinkle-or vinca minor-plant. Yohimbe bark, another potent ingredient of Vegas Nites, is a dietary supplement that herbal practitioners endorse as a sexual stimulant. Epimedium saggitatium, also called horny goat weed, is another herbal preparation with purported aphrodisiac benefits. White willow bark is an age-old pain reliever.

The tanacetum parthenium ingredient in NutraCoastal’s STEAM is a derivative of the herb feverfew, a traditional medicinal plant practitioners prescribe to reduce fever, relieve migraines, and sooth the blood vessels. Polygonum multiflora is a Chinese herb with rejuvenative properties. Epimedium grandiflora belongs to the epimedium family of aphrodisiacs.

Milk thistle, the active herbal ingredient in NutraCoastal’s Equilone body building supplement, is a liver tonic in the herbal tradition that practitioners use to relieve the symptoms of cirrhosis, hepatitis, and toxic liver damage. Modern usage of milk thistle includes post cycle therapy for body builders.

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  • Herbal and plant-based ingredients
  • Manufactured in a clean environment
  • Designed for quick results


  • Recall calls ingredient listings into question
  • Recall calls manufacturing processing in to question
  • Questions about safety of products producing fast results


NutraCoastal is a small manufacturing concern whose history is troubled due to product recalls in 2009. Although NutraCoastal products are not tested or confirmed by the FDA, they contain time-tested active ingredients from herbal sources. They also contain potentially harmful chemicals and fillers. With a good product selection and adherence to good manufacturing practices, NutraCoastal has the chance to redeem its market reputation in the next few years by eliminating some of its inactive ingredients toward the goal of producing healthier, more natural supplements.

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