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Nutracore Hoodia XPF is not a supplement many dieters are interested in trying. The Internet is lit up with complaints about SPAM emails and lack of information on the Hoodia supplement. We could not find an official website for Nutracore or Nutracore Hoodia XPF but we can pull enough information from the consumer complaints to warn dieters that Nutracore Hoodia XPF may not be the best weight loss solution.

List of Ingredients

Not revealed. Hoodia?

Produce Features

Assuming that hoodia is the main ingredient in Nutracore Hoodia XPF, we can confidently say this product will not work. Hoodia Gordonii is a cactus that was picked up by supplement manufacturers thanks to a tale of prolonged hunting adventures with no food and a bit of cactus to chew on. Supposedly tribesmen would go on treks for days and never feel hungry because they chewed on the hoodia cactus.

When science stepped into the picture, the tale of hoodia weight loss soon came to an end. The active ingredient in hoodia – the one that stops hunger – is metabolized by the liver so quickly it never has time to stop hunger. As if science was not enough, real South African hoodia is not commonly exported out of South Africa. In order to gain a supply, a CITES certificate is required and should be published on the website where the hoodia product is being sold. Nutracore does not publish an ingredient list, let alone a CITES certificate.

The final warning about Nutracore Hoodia XPF is the auto-ship plan associated with the supplement. Auto-ship plans are available from many weight loss companies, but when the manufacturer is not willing to share the ingredients of a supplement and when the website has spelling mistakes and errors, does the consumer really want to share a credit card number and give the company the freedom to send as many bottles as they desire with the dieter paying the price?

When a dieter wants to lose more weight, there are proven ingredients to stave off hunger and increase metabolism. These products are not marketed in email SPAM messages. Not only is SPAM a nasty choice in marketing – it is illegal.

No pricing information is available for Nutracore Hoodia XPF.

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  • None.


  • Website is lacking ingredient information.
  • Product is auto-shipped without the knowledge of the dieter.


When a supplement company is unwilling to share the ingredients in a supplement, the dieter should walk away. There is no telling what is in the Nutracore Hoodia XPF or if it claims to contain hoodia at all. It is likely that the product is just a rip off trying to get more money out of people who simply want to shed weight.

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