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Cinnergen by NutraLab is a supplement to help those with Type 2 diabetes enhance their bodies’ natural insulin production and ameliorate the potentially dangerous effects of elevated blood sugar. Type 2 is the most widespread diabetes in today’s society, and while a tendency to develop the disease is genetic, a person’s lifestyle and diet can make the difference in whether it becomes a health risk.

Diabetes results when the body’s natural insulin supply is unable to keep up with sugar intake. With a continually elevated blood sugar level due to excessive sugar consumption, your body cannot effectively process sugar into energy. It may build up resistance to its natural insulin that, when not addressed, can compromise insulin production. NutraLab markets its Cinnergen product as a supplement for those nutrients that can bring balance back to your diet and fortify those processes that turn the foods you eat into a source of energy.

List of Ingredients

Cinnamon bark extract to aid insulin efficacy, blueberry leaf extract to lower blood sugar, cranberry extract to cleanse kidneys, oat seed extract to relieve fatique extracts of kelp, sugar sea beet, acerola berry, ginger root, black cherry, green tea, irish moss, aloe vera, stevia leaf, purified water, natural flavors, citric acid, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate


Product Features

Cinnergen is a liquid nutritional supplement that provides some of the nutrients that may be missing in your diet. A combination of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids, antioxidants, and enzymes, the supplement may help the body in metabolizing sugar.

The active ingredients of Cinnergen by NutraLab are backed with in-house research but no independent testing or FDA approval to substantiate their claims of efficacy. For example, cinnamon bark, according to herbal lore, is an insulin booster. Herbalists tout blueberry leaf as a treatment for blood sugar problems.

Because Cinnergen is a liquid supplement, the manufacturer states that the body digests it more quickly and absorbs its nutrients more effectively than a supplement in capsule form. Cinnergen has a cinnamon flavor that you may or may not like. Added benefits of using Cinnergen, according to NutraLab, are improved energy and altertness, improvement in sleep, and a greater sense of well being.

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  • Contains active ingredients with anecdotally confirmed properties
  • Liquid form is supposed to be easier to digest and absorb
  • Contains nutrients to help the consumer to achieve a better balanced diet


  • Many ingredient benefits based on anecdotal proof
  • Some people may not like the liquid flavor
  • Why not spend money on healthier foods instead of supplements


NutraLab markets its dietary supplement called Cinnergen as a supplement that helps to balance your diet with nutritional ingredients. It contains such herbal remedies as cinnamon bark and blueberry leaf to benefit blood sugar levels and aid in the body’s energy production. NutraLab markets the supplement as a way for people at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes to avoid the serious effects of the disease, although there is no independent, scientific testing to confirm these claims. Those who are ill with diabetes should consult their medical advisors before relying on any herbal preparation for a cure.

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