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NutraLean is a weight loss product manufactured by 4Life Research. It is actually stated to be a “scientifically advanced weight management” system. According to the official website, this diet drug has been discontinued. A name variation for this weight reduction supplement is Nutra-Leane. As far as weight loss goes, NutraLean claimed to burn fat, boost energy and increase the user’s metabolism. Since this product is no longer offered on the official website, there are no customer testimonials or free trial samples of NutraLean available. It’s unknown whether or not NutraLean was sold with a satisfaction guarantee.

There were several major ingredients involved with NutraLean supplements. These are Alpha Lipoic Acid, Green Tea Extract (boosts metabolism), L-Carnatine, Chitosan (helps remove fat from body), Yerba Mate Extract (increases awareness), Ginseng Root, Hoodia Gordonii (suppresses hunger), Vitamin C, Garcina Cambogia (increases energy), Bugleweed, Ashwagandha and Bladderwrack (assists the thyroid). Similar to some other weight loss drugs, NutraLean was directed to be taken at least 30 minutes prior to the two larger meals eaten each day, 3 capsules each time. NutraLean originally sold through the official website for $45 for 180 capsules.

List of Ingredients

Not available on an official website anymore.

Product Features

NutraLean was a diet supplement offered by 4Life Research, a nutritional supplement and self-care company. This product is claimed to assist men and women with weight loss by boosting the metabolism, burning unwanted body fat and increasing energy. The primary active ingredients incorporated into NutraLean are Alpha Lipoic Acid, Green Tea Extract, L-Carnatine, Chitosan, Yerba Mate Extract, Ginseng Root, Hoodia Gordonii, Vitamin C, Garcina Cambogia, Bugleweed, Ashwagandha and Bladderwrack. While this diet drug used to be available for purchase without a doctor’s prescription, it is currently discontinued and cannot be found on the official website.

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  • NutraLean used to be conveniently acquired via the official website.
  • NutraLean contains a number of active ingredients that aim to address different weight loss concerns.
  • There is an official website where NutraLean supplements were sold.
  • NutraLean was available without a prescription.


  • NutraLean has been officially discontinued.
  • A full product ingredient list is no longer posted for NutraLean capsules.
  • There aren’t any customer success stories offered for NutraLean supplements.
  • NutraLean contains Chitosan, which comes from shellfish, and is not suitable for individuals that are allergic to shellfish.
  • The cost of NutraLean is higher than some other weight loss products.


Overall, NutraLean is not exactly the picture-perfect diet supplement at this point. While it may have assisted some dieters with weight reduction in the past, clearly it’s discontinued at this time, and probably for a good reason. Considering the long list of active ingredients, NutraLean may have caused some allergic issues to arise among past users. Especially the Chitosan component. This substance obviously causes concerns for anyone who’s allergic to shellfish. While you may still be able to find NutraLean available from third-party web vendors, it’s not a good idea to select this one as your diet aid of choice.

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