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Nutramerica is a Hackensack, New Jersey-based manufacturer that produces a line of diet supplements for weight loss. In business for over 14 years, Nutramerica’s most well-known product, TrimSpa, was taken off the market for a time but has made a comeback. TrimSpa X32 is probably the company’s most popular product on the current market.

In 2007, Nutramerica and its owner Alex Goen settled a class action lawsuit that claimed the advertising for Trimspa X32 was false and misleading. Feedback from recent Trimspa users has been mixed, with some people reporting it did help them in losing weight while others gave it their enthusiastic endorsement. Many people comment that the supplement is expensive, too. The Nutramerica Carb Blocker costs just under $70 for 180 capsules, while Trimspa Energy costs just under $30 for 90 tablets.

List of TrimSpa Ingredients

Hoodia gordonii, chromium, vanadium, glucomannan citrus naringine
glucosamine, HCI, cocoa extract, green tea extract.

Product Features

Hoodia gordonii is a succulent plant native to South Africa and Namibia. It contains P57, an element that has some appetite-suppressant qualities. Because it is a protected plant that can only be lawfully harvested by licensed individuals and companies, it is expensive.

Chromium is a mineral that may aid in maintaining health. Nutritionists believe it enhances the action of your body’s naturally-produced insulin, helping to metabolize carbohydrates into energy to fuel your body. It also purportedly aids your system in metabolizing fat.

Vanadium is a mineral present in such foods as mushrooms, certain seafoods, and cabbage. It may help your body metabolize carbohydrates.

Glucomnnan is a dietary fiber and food additive that thickens substances. As a nutritional supplement, glucomman may help to ameliorate constipation, obesity, and high cholesterol.

Citrus naringin is a substance present in grapefruit seeds and the peels of citrus fruits. A natural chemical compound and bioflavonoid, citrus naringin acts as an antioxidant and antifungal agent. In diet supplements, this substance may aid your body in absorbing nutrients for their maximum health value.

Glucosamine is naturally present in healthy cartilage in your body. Supplements containing glucosamine work to eliminate the pain of arthritis in joints as well as aiding in circulation and metabolism.

HCI is hydrochloric acid, a supplement that can help your body to digest fats and proteins. HCI breaks down proteins into peptides and amino acids, and fat into triglycerides, and you can take it by itself or as part of a dietary supplement such as TrimSpa.

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  • Several active ingredients may help metabolize excess calories
  • Many consumers are satisfied with its performance


  • History of problems with deceptive advertising
  • Some consumers report it does not work for them
  • There is no independent, scientifically obtained proof it works


TrimSpa by Nutramerica, despite its clashes with consumers who sued the company for making false advertising claims, continues to be the manufacturer’s chief product. Consumer feedback is mixed regarding the dietary supplement, and the active ingredients in TrimSpa are not independently verified as being effective in helping people lose weight.

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