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NutraMetrix is a wellness program comprised of isotonic vitamins and supplements marketed to healthcare providers. Their products range from anti-aging supplements to supplements focused on heart health. NutraMetrix employs the help of consultants to distribute their supplements to healthcare providers. Healthcare practitioners who wish to offer the program to their patients are given access to training and educational programs. There are consultants available to work with healthcare professionals as well. NutraMetrix tests all of its natural ingredients for pesticides and the fish oil is tested for heavy metals. The website has a demo web portal which shows the healthcare practitioner a sample resembling what their personalized site will look like. NutraMetrix designs an e-commerce site for each participating practitioner allowing their clients to order refills online.

List of Ingredients

Ingredients vary by product.

Product Features

The program does a gene analysis in patients who decide to take the supplements. Their non-invasive process of obtaining cells for the DNA analysis involves a simple swab of the patients inside cheek. The patient orders a kit and does the swab themselves. The kit also includes a questionnaire with questions about the patient’s eating habits and lifestyle habits. The questionnaire and DNA is analyzed by a panel who then determines what combination of supplements the patient should take.

In the weight management area, NutraMetrix has 12 different products available. 4 of these products are instructional videos, audio CDs, a kit, and a website subscription but the other 8 are various products such as the Fat Conversion Inhibitor, Thermochrome, prepackaged snacks, and more. The average price for the supplements is over $60. There are no testimonials on the website and the FDA has not evaluated statements made by the website or the DNA evaluation.

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  • In the weight management area there are quite a few supplements that contain well known ingredients such as Hoodia and Advantra Z.


  • To fully take advantage of the NutraMetrix program, you will need to send in a DNA sample for analysis.
  • This product is expensive and many of the products available from NutraMetrix cost over $60.
  • The product descriptions for the NutraMetrix products are very short.
  • The full list of ingredients for each product isn’t listed.


NutraMetrix is taking a step toward the future of beauty products by offering custom supplement packages based on your unique genetic makeup. The problem we see is that they don’t really offer enough products on their official website to cover such a wide range. The DNA kit isn’t invasive but many people aren’t going to be comfortable turning their DNA over to a corporation they don’t know much about either. Some of the NutraMetrix products can be purchased without the DNA kit being used so we would try some of those out first.

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  • 1

    These isotnic supplements are exceptional and very effective! They do what they say they will do and they are backed by science. You do not need to take a gene analysis to use these supplements effectively! They offer a free nuti-physical analysis that ask you questions about your lifestyle, physical activity and diet and then it gives you recommendations based on your honest answers. I have been taking these supplements for many years and I feel great!


  • 2

    Vitamin drinks orthomol In my opinion you are mistaken. i can prove it.


  • 3

    what supplement is good for a 22yr old that has been diagnosed with a stomach ulcer?


  • 4

    Would like some plusses and minuses about taking NutrMetrix. Benefits?


  • 5

    I swear I got vitamin D poisoning from NutraMetric as the doctor prescribed 5000 IU Mon-Fri and 10000 IU Sat-Sun. I got symptoms of passing a kidney stone – extreme pain in lower left abdomon. I stopped for a year and tried again with these vitamins with the same pain occuring. Needless to say I will never take again.



    What were your vit d levels before and after you stopped taking the vit d. more than likely, something in the supplement is disagreeing with you intestinally. i have to take my isotonix mid day. if i take them first thing on an empty stomach i get abdominal pain and cramping.


  • 6
    Andrew Schmarje CSCS

    Many obvious promoters of nutrametrix a little rattled with a slight challenge to their view. There should be more people reviewing products like these because the majority of things like this are a waste of money. Especially when it’s better to get your nutrients from foods or super-foods, rather than a bottle. After doing some research, the sales marketing and promotion of nutrametrix is much stronger than the actual science behind it. It doesn’t surprise me however, as this is the course of most supplement companies. Kinda makes you wonder.


  • 7
    Eleanor Nuss

    I am looking for the product Nutra Metrix – isotonis calcicum – recommended for pre-osterporsis. How do I find it?


  • 8
    janet ryan

    I suggest you o more research on Nutrametrix since you are completely off by saying that you need to complete a Gene analysis for the weight loss program. It is a voluntary test for anyone and pin points genetic polymorphisma that may affect nutrient metabolism, as well as glucose regulation which affect optimal health in many ways.


  • 9

    I am a nutraMetrix consultant. One or two little inaccuracies, as already noted, (not correct: Gene SNP analysis not required, avg products not over $60) Question: “more than 2 patented ingredients” Is that necessarily a plus? More likely irrelevant.-Daniel


  • 10

    i am currently taking levothyroxine in the a.m upon waking. but my nutrametrix multivitamin is also suppose to be taken in the a.m before food…problem is it has calcium in it which cant be taken around the levo….what should i do. some have suggested the levo be moved to nightime…any thoughts.



    I take my levo before bedtime and nutri in am.



    The nutraMetrix use labels says “Maximum absorption occurs when taken on an empty stomach.” So take your regular medicine when you get up and your nutraMetrix a couple hours after eating or whenever you have an empty stomach. NutraMetrix Isotonix products absorb in about 5 minutes per dose.


  • 11

    My question is…i am taking levothyroxine in the a.m upon awaking. but the directions with my neutrametrix multivitamin says take a.m before eating..and since it haas calcium in it, that will interfere with the levo…what should i do? some suggest taking levothroxine at night instead….can i please get some advice…thank you


    Your Name

    I also take both of those (levo and iso multi). Take the multi FIRST THING, and wait 5-10 mins then take your levo after. Do this for a few months and have your T3/T4 level checked


  • 12

    nutrametrix is not only great for patients, but as importantly for most physicians to create life time value and improve their financial position. i work with many doctors and knnow most are suffering big time. If they really understand this program, they may love it.


  • 13

    You are not speaking of the Nutrametrix line in detail if you are telling others that they need to have a DNA analysis. The GENE-SNP analysis is a lazer precise way of determining ones DNA and the ideal supplements for them to address genetic mutations, This is not required to take advantage of this line and the Nutraphysical is free to determine what is the ideal supplement for you. Readers should not listen to the review as it is not accurate.


  • 14

    Great Products. I am a distributor and user myself. It has helped my coughing at nights
    since i stared taking it 6 months ago. The system is designed to market to medical professionals.


  • 15

    I have heard of good things about OPC3 in the past 17 years. I tried the products and have gotten great results. I used to cough at nights and doctors could not tell me what caused it. After I took OPC3 and Omega3 for the past 6 months, the coughing is gone. Now I can rest at nights. There are many product categories that will help all kinds of problems. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions in regarding to products or the business opportunities. Susy Manicone


  • 16
    Amy McGlinchey

    I love Nutrametrix. I have been a Nutrametrix consultant for quit a while now. The supplementation is comparable to no other supplement I have found on the market. It is Isotonic, which means “same as”. They are drinkable vitamins, so if you have any Gastrointesinal problems, this is very helpful. 95% of what you ingest is absorbed. This program and it’s supplements have saved my life and I would stand behind any of them. Not to mention the incredible compensation plan behind all of this. Physicians are really struggling right now, and this has been a way for them to take control of their practices.


  • 17

    USANA Nutritionals are far better, FDA approved, pharma-grade nutritionals, ranging from Diet (RESET) to natural engergy (Rev3). Their vast array of nutritional have the highest potency rating out there… 5 out of 5 (nutrisearch independent survey). I wouldn’t waste me money on this, potency is not guaranteed.


    steve s

    Every one should be wary of someone like you who instantly puts other companies down. I doubt you have really taken the time to research the products offered by nutraMetrix and your FDA knowledge is limited. USANAis not the God of all nutrionals.



    FDA approved use of unlabeled produce genetically modified with pecticides and herbacides. FDA approves quite a bit that is illegal in other countries due to health dangers, it’s actually very scary…don’t know if I would use FDA approved as a benefit


  • 18
    jerry kumin

    please shares studies of weight loss related to genetic pattern thanks


  • 19

    Where can I buy the vitamin D supplement in Baltimore or Columbia, Maryland?


  • 20
    esperanza gonzalez

    where can I order Product on line?



    HI Esperanza, I know this line is for Health Practitioner. I use the one you can get on line, the same but different label. You can go to triple w healthy from head to toe. com all together. I have been taking this for two years. Good look


  • 21

    Can anyone provide me with the information that the products here work, and help healing, disease, dieting, and overall body well being, or is it just another scam?


    Charles Adams

    I am a nutraMetrix consultant. I can avail you the information you are looking for, but you must know that it is not lawful to claim that any nutraceutical can or will cure a disease, even if it does.


  • 22
    John D. Condon

    Where can I buy nutraMetrix in Omaha


  • 23

    Can I get nutra metrix isotonix vitamin d with k2 for 50% off?


  • 24
    Joan Vicci

    Where can I buy it?


    Marie Windhorst

    check the reply to reader 6


  • 25
    Joan Vicci

    Where to buy it?


    Donna Scott

    where to buy it