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What You Should Know

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The official website for Nutraslim does not reveal any information about the product. There is a long list of phone numbers for customer service and auto-ship cancelling, but that is the only information provided. Outside sources list the supplement as a fat burner aimed at increasing weight loss. The ingredient list tells a different story. There are potentially dangerous ingredients mixed with proven ingredients, making the entire supplement not worth the risk.

List of Ingredients

Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea, Caffeine, Octopamine HCL, 5-Hydroxytryptophan and Chromium.

Product Features

The first problem with Nutraslim is the lack of ingredient totals. The list of ingredients could include every proven ingredient on the market, but if enough of that ingredient is not included in the supplement, the dieter is wasting time and money.

Garcinia cambogia is a popular ingredient in fat burners. Also known as hydroxycitric acid or HCA, garcinia cambogia has recently hit the spotlight due to potential liver damage caused by weight loss supplements with the ingredient. One major company, Hydroxycut, pulled products from shelves under the watchful eye of the Food and Drug Administration and removed garcinia cambogia from the formulas. Green coffee bean extract replaced HCA.

Green tea, caffeine and chromium are three important weight loss ingredients because they are proven to have positive effects on weight loss – but only in the right amounts. Green tea promotes fat burn, caffeine increases metabolism and chromium fights hunger. This triple threat is ideal for dieters, but in Nutraslim it is useless to list proven ingredients if the dieter has no idea how much of the ingredient is in the formula.

Nutraslim sells through various affiliate websites, but we believe the product is no longer available as the official website does not list product information. When we clicked on the affiliate link from one website, we were taken to a website offering a free trial of Nutraslim. This website shows all ingredients and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If the order is not cancelled in 30 days, the consumer is charged $80 for the bottle.

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  • Ingredients are listed online.
  • A free trial is available from the official website.
  • Proven ingredients are included in the formula.


  • Some ingredients could cause negative side effects.
  • No ingredient amounts are listed.
  • The free trial is linked to an auto-ship program.


The ingredients in Nutraslim are both proven and dangerous. The dangerous ingredients and potential side effects associated with these ingredients increases the risk of negative side effects. We tend to support proven ingredients, but if the dieter is taking a risk by using a supplement it is not worth the money. Dieters can find proven weight loss supplements with healthy, clinically safe ingredients for the same price or cheaper.

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6 User Reviews about Nutraslim

  • 1
    Lakshminarayanan G

    am 22 yrs boys my weight is around 90 , i feel same of my body . So am thinking to take nutrislim , weather it’s worth r not , if any side effects is there , plz give a advice how to use nutrislim.


  • 2
    Mike Hill

    Nutraslim are a totally rip-off orientated company selling a potentially dangerous product via a free-trial con … why will the banking community not act to help put such rogue traders out of business??


  • 3
    Susanna B

    Nothing is FREE. Customer Service is horrendous and you will fight a losing battle for a refund-Guess they assume people will just give in and write it off as a bad experience. Watch your bank statements as small amounts began to be debited immediately. If returning product -Track It!!!


  • 4
    Susanna B

    Totally agree- this company made unsolicited withdrawals from my account and 2months on from having cancelled and then received and returned some more of the stuff I have had a nightmare dealing with customer services -each person has a different version of the truth and you will never see your money again. If returning anything obtain a Tracking Number as this is their standard response to repeated calls


  • 5

    i have also ordered this rubbish and have gained weight have aslo been charged although i have contacted my bank and they are sending nutraslim a cancellation letter my bank says that i will no longer be charged but if i am the bank will reimburse me i have tried to cancel myself but when i put my details in it says that my details are not recognised


  • 6
    Deidre H

    WOW – This prodcut and this company is so BAD that I don’t know where to start. Well to begine with it DOES NOT work. I have been on it for 8 days and gained a pound, and I have watching what I eat. Also, forget the 30 day grace period, it’s 14 days from the day you order. Went shopping tonight and my credit card was declined due to FRAUD. They charged $79.95 for one bottle, then tryed to charge it AGAIN. Fortunately, my credit card company is very on top of things and turned off credit card. Had to call to see what it was about, it was this fraud of a place. Then called Nutra Slim custmer service and I still have to go through sending them back, turning my credit card back on, then waiting some more to be re-imbersed the $80. I hope they don’t close by them. I should have known better, I’m 46 years old and I know there is no such miracle pill but I was really hoping the comments were true. Clearly they aren’t. Trust me, DO NOT order this crap.