NutraSport Cutting Gel Review

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What You Should Know

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NutraSport markets Epidril Cutting Gel designed to penetrate the dermal layer in order to sculpt away unwanted fat beneath your skin. Cutting Gel is a patented product that you rub into your skin. You do not swallow any supplements in capsule form. Instead, marketing materials claim that this product actually acts topically to cut away excess body fat on contact. Typically, body builders are the most frequent users of Epidril Cutting Gel, applying the product to areas where stubborn fat deposits have not responded to diet or weight training.

The so-called science behind the efficacy of Cutting Gel explains its action as “flattening overbloated fat cells by releasing trapped fat into the bloodstream to be burned as energy.” You can only hope that this is an oversimplification, since reason dictates the impossibility of a topical gel “flattening” anything but a hairdo. Probably the vigorous massaging action required to rub in the viscous substance would flatten a bloated fat cell with or without the help of Cutting Gel.

List of Ingredients

Lecithin, water, octyl pamitate, alcohol, glycerin, aminophylline, carmel color, fragrance, ethylenediamine, vitamin E, carbomber, propylene glycol, BHA, propyl gallate, citric acid, DMDM hydantoin, iodopropynyl, butylcarbamate.


NutraSport, based on its theory that its Cutting Gel product smashes fat cells and infuses the bloodstream with stored fat, explains that the individual user must exercise subsequent to using the product in order to help his body metabolize the floating fat blobs into energy. Additionally, the manufacturer cautions against using Epidril Cutting Gel in more than a couple spots on the body at once, since more than this would release so much fat into the bloodstream that you can’t possibly burn it all up.

Users of this NutraSport body sculpting product claim they have noticed a visible improvement in the areas where they applied it. The Cutting Gel is quite thick and can be difficult to rub in, but it reportedly does not stain your clothing or have an unpleasant smell. People recommend using the gel just prior to working out, and certainly washing it off before going out on a date.

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  • You only apply a small amount at a time to ameliorate the expense
  • Does not stain clothing
  • Smells okay


  • Too expensive for a product not FDA approved or independently certified
  • Difficult to rub in
  • You must exercise after using


Many online sites are discontinuing sales of NutraSport products. If you can find Cutting Gel for sale, expect to pay a premium for a product that only might work. A 4 oz. pump bottle retails for $89.00. That’s more than $22.00 per ounce. You may be better served by paying for the services of a skilled masseuse to work on breaking up those stubborn fat deposits, since NutraSport Cutting Gel has no independently derived proof that it works.

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