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One of the hottest diet trends is blending and juicing. Unlike most trends, as soon as one product gets old a new product appears and the trend ignites all over again. One of the latest blending and juicing products is the NutriBullet. The compact blender/juicer is powerful enough to shred stems and emulsify seeds into a health food shake sure to keep the tummy full and the body full of healthy, raw food nutrients. The NutriBullet is available for sale online for $120, but some offline and online stores offer the appliance for less. For instance, the price on is $105.

List of Ingredients


  • Superfood extractor.

Product Features

The concept behind the NutriBullet is extraction. Blenders don’t break down foods all the way and juicers leave the pulp and nutrient packed skin behind. The NutriBullet emulsifies everything into a shake that contains the pulp, seeds, skin and meat of all fruits and vegetables so you consume fruits just as nature intended.

There are limits to the NutriBullet’s power, however. We would not suggest trying to breakdown an avocado or mango seed as these are too large for any appliance. Other seeds like those found in grapes, strawberries, cucumbers, oranges and other comparable fruits and vegetables are easily broken down.

The official website offers a demo video that shows just how powerful the NutriBullet is. The demo shows the NutriBullet breaking down almonds and cherry stems, but the images are computer generated. There is a second video on the site explaining how the NutriBullet works, but there are no demonstrations with real food. The third video does expand to show how the NutriBullet can breakdown flax seed and cashews into a liquid, which a normal blender cannot do, based on the video.

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  • The NutriBullet can turn foods like kale, seeds, nuts and other hard to blend foods into liquid.
  • May help promote overall nutrition.


  • The NutriBullet is extremely expensive.
  • Only one video on the website shows the NutriBullet breaking down seeds and soft nuts.


If you are interested in juicing, but you don’t want the hassle of cleaning an extraction juicer, the NutriBullet could be a viable alternative. The machine turns leafy vegetables, fruits and seeds into liquid that easy to drink. Dieters will have to work with recipes to create tasty, healthy drinks, but there are recipes included with the machine. With the addition of green tea instead of water, a dieter could create a healthy, weight loss drink in a few seconds.

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    I just bought a nutribullet. It’s an okay machine, but it doesn’t break down the fiber as well as the Vitamix. I bought it because I needed something to make small batches, easy to clean and takes up less counter space. In other words, something to replace my Vitamix. It almost did that. One thing I noticed, it doesn’t have sharp blades.