Nutrigenomic Diet- Deep N Review

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Nutrigenomic Diet: Deep Nutrition is a book that focuses on helping people learn why their genes need traditional foods, and it studies several different cultures to learn how their dietary choices impact their overall health. It suggests people should follow something like this to get healthy. It does not have a specific focus on weight loss, but it could present itself as a side effect of following a healthy diet and regular exercise program. Take a look at this review to learn more about the book and decide if it is worth the read.

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The Nutrigenomic Diet: Deep Nutrition promotes creating a diet based on the Four Pillars of World Cuisine. The pillars are: fermented foods, organ meats, meats on the bone, and raw foods. The idea is that you should start by eating raw foods, and then work on experimenting with getting the other pillars in your diet. For instance, eat a fruit salad for breakfast, or a large salad of leafy greens and fresh vegetables with an olive oil dressing (no store bought stuff!) and then learn how to bring the other components in. Avoid processed foods at all costs, and focus on getting a decent amount of regular exercise to help improve your body’s efficiency.

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  • The Nutrigenomic Diet: Deep Nutrition provides a wealth of information about how people should eat for health, including advice on how pregnant women should eat.
  • This book helps you learn about cholestorol and helps get rid of some of the myths about it.


  • The Nutrigenomic Diet: Deep Nutrition suggests several foods, such as sauerkraut and various organ meats, that may turn people away from the diet.
  • This book does not specifically focus on weight loss.
  • There is not a vast selection of recipes to keep in line with the principles of this diet.
  • Following this diet will likely require you to spend more time in the kitchen than usual.
  • This program promotes eating a diet high in saturated fats, which is contradictor to information from the American Heart Association and other organizations in the United States.


The Nutrigenomic Diet: Deep Nutrition focuses on bringing the Paleo diet principles to the modern foods we have available. The book brings you the tools and information you need to follow nutrigenomics to help improve your overall health. While it does not focus specifically on weight loss, many people will likely shed some weight, at least in the beginning of the program, as a result of making healthier eating choices and exercising. To accelerate the efforts of the program, you could take a clinically proven appetite suppressant or fat burner to help you eat less or burn more through working out.

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