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Nutrigold is a supplement company that sells branded supplements. The company motto claims all products are pure, potent and perfect – some pretty huge claims. The Nutrigold website does a fantastic job of offering detailed product descriptions and a quick and easy method of finding the supplements you’re looking for. On the right side of the website there is a complete list of products with claimed actions in parenthesis beside the product name. For instance, 5-HTP is listed for appetite control and 7-Keto for metabolism. In all there are more than 10 supplements from Nutrigold that could be used for weight loss, but not all are proven effective.

List of Ingredients


  • Supplement company.

Product Features

Most of the supplements sold by Nutrigold are individual ingredients commonly used in weight loss formulas. There is one exception to this – Healthy Weight Loss Gold. Nutrigold attempts to formulate the perfect supplement by combining branded ingredients, specifically Meratrim, Svetol, Slendesta, GreenSelect Green Tea, KSM-66 and 7-Keto. Most of these ingredients have dedicated websites with tons of information on the ingredient and the role that ingredient plays in weight loss, but few offer links to clinical studies. Nutrigold claims all ingredients are clinically proven. There are references links listed for some ingredients, but not all ingredients are supported with such links.

The same type of information is listed for nearly all of the supplements available from Nutrigold. There is almost always a long product description with passionate claims about how the supplement will help improve overall health. We commend Nutrigold for taking the time to write such in-depth descriptions for each of the products they sell, but there are some missing pieces of information crucial to the dieter or consumer.

The claims made by Nutrigold are not supported with links to clinical trials, in most cases. There are no reviews of the company’s products listed in the product description and we were unable to find one testimonial of weight loss or improved health listed on the website.

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  • All ingredients for Nutrigold products are listed in the product descriptions.
  • Some products contain clinically proven ingredients.


  • The company makes passionate claims about ingredients with no clinical support.


Nutrigold may have one of the most detailed websites we’ve ever encountered, but a wealth of information does not mean the information provided is truthful and unbiased. When a consumer searches for supplements to support overall health or spark weight loss they are looking for clinical support and testimonials. They want to know the product is safe and effective – but that is not something Nutrigold provides to the consumer.

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