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NutriLean is not a diet plan or miracle drug. NutriLean is coating that may be either sprayed onto food or mixed in with fish or chicken coatings or breading prior to frying in an effort to lower fat content in fried foods. Proteus Industries, the makers of NutriLean, tout it as a way to have “fat free fried food.” This product is said to form a barrier around the food that keeps the fat and oils from penetrating into the food and thus makes deep fried foods “fat free.”

This coating is actually a protein solution that has been extracted from the muscles of fish. The idea is that when this protein solution is applied to food it will form a protective barrier against fat and carbohydrates while it locks in moisture and flavor. Stephen Kelleher, a Proteus Industries food chemist, invented this product for frying low-fat foods. Kelleher says that after the fish protein molecules have been extracted and treated the formula will form a thin film on the surface of food that is impenetrable. It is this invisible film of proteins that is said to hold out carbohydrates and fat. The website’s press release says that NutriLean does not have a fishy taste and can be used on chicken without changing the flavor.

List of Ingredients

Fish proteins that have been extracted from fish muscles, water and a proprietary blend of other ingredients.

Product Features

Basically, this product has one aim: allow individuals to eat fried foods without all the fat. The press releases on the company website claim that fried foods that have first been coated with NutriLean contain less than 50% of the fat contained in fried foods that are not NutriLean coated.

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  • The FDA has approved NutriLean for use in food products.
  • The omega 3 fats in NutriLean are heart healthy fats.
  • Official taste testers say there is no fishy after-taste.


  • This product is touted as making fried foods fat free, while deeper research on the website shows that they believe the fat is cut by 25% to 75% with an average of 50% less fat.


This product is fairly new on the market. While it is FDA approved, it has not been in use long enough to know any long term effects. While the key ingredient is a natural protein extracted from a slurry of fish muscle, the “proprietary blend” of other ingredients is largely unknown. While the product may keep fats from entering the fried food itself, the outside coating will still be fat laden. It is important to remember that just because there is less fat in the inner meat, breading and coatings will still be as full of fat and oils as they would have been without the “protective barrier” of NutriLean.

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