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While many men and women are searching for effective weight loss methods it is important to look below the surface of slick advertising copy and commercials. It is easy to be taken in by a beautiful spokes person with a “personal experience” using whatever the product du jour happens to be. NutriMedia, LLC. is basically a full service infomercial company that mainly deals with nutritional based products. The company’s website states that they are a “Direct Response Marketing Company.” They specialize in the creation of infomercials from idea inception to final results tracking. This company will handle all aspects such as: writing a script, hiring actors, buying media spots, taking the product orders and any other project management tasks.

NutriMedia, LLC uses what they call a soft sell approach to creating an infomercial. This means that they script the entire infomercial to seem more like a movie than a commercial. They tout their productions as being more polished and smoother to sway even the most cynical or suspicious consumer. The company claims that they fill a very successful niche of national broadcast marketing. The service provided by this company is not dependent upon how well a product works, or even what the product is. The sales will be generated by the slick advertising and direct marketing formula that has been proven to work with hundreds of other products.

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NutriMedia, LLC offers an almost a la cart approach to infomercials. Their services include management of every step of the process. A customer looking to produce an infomercial needs only to show up with a product to sell and this company will do the rest. Once your product has run the course for infomercials NutriMedia can also help in product placement with retail chains. The company website assures that they can wrangle the most profitable shelf placement for the products they represent.

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  • This Company is a “one stop shop” for all things related to making an infomercial for your product.
  • The company states that their prices are about 1/6th the going rate for similar services.
  • NutriMedia, LLC has more than 35 years experience in this arena.
  • The website states that their order taking team has the highest closing rate in the industry.


  • With a price tag of $150,000 to well over $300,000 per 30 minute spot, this is not a venture to be taken lightly.


NutriMedia, LLC is not a diet product or weight loss system. It is actually a company that makes its money by getting consumers to purchase products and systems from other manufacturers. It is interesting to see just how infomercials are created and geared towards making the sale based on factors other than the efficacy of the product being sold.

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