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Nutripex is a weight loss supplement with a bit of marketing help from the one and only Dr. Oz. According to the product description, Nutripex has been called “lap band in a bottle.” This supplement would need some pretty strong, proven ingredients to live up to that nickname. Nutripex works in three ways. It suppresses the appetite, increases metabolism and reduces cravings. So far the supplement sounds amazing but the ingredient list will show the true face of Nutripex.

List of Ingredients


  • Asian Yam Root

Product Features

The only ingredient we could find on the Nutripex website is Asian yam root. According to the supplement description, the yam root expands when it comes in contact with water creating a gel-like substance that fills the stomach. This is the same function glucomannan claims to use to decrease hunger. We all know that fiber works to reduce hunger, but the effect is far less than that of a lap band surgery.

When we hovered over the picture of Dr. Oz we noticed something very important. Asian yam root IS glucomannan. Glucomannan is not the end-all weight loss solution and it does not work like lap band surgery. This website and this product are using some creative marketing techniques to push a product clearly not named by Dr. Oz or any other program.

Nutripex is marketed by NutriMedical. That website literally lists Nutripex as an alternative to lap band or “lap band in a bottle.” We are taken aback by the fact that any company can push a product so hard without on stitch of proof aside from testimonials.

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  • Glucomannan is a good source of fiber.
  • The ingredient is listed on the official website.
  • May reduce that feeling of hunger.


  • Asian yam root is Glucomannan, but that fact is hidden in picture captions.
  • Glucomannan is not proven to be as effective as lap band surgery.
  • The company behind Nutripex sells the supplement as a surgery alternative.
  • Inhibiting appetite does not change eating habits.


Glucomannan is used in many weight loss supplements because it is a water-soluble form of fiber. Most fiber is fat-soluble and dieters don’t want to eat more fat just to get the fiber to blow up. Nutripex pushes the limit of creative marketing. This supplement is not a viable alternative to surgery and should not be sold as such. There are some dieters who can benefit from lap band surgery far better than taking a fiber supplement.

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    Vanita Southerland

    How long after the “best if used by (date)”, is it still effective and safe to use?


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    How Stock Market Works

    It is nice elaboration on working of nutripex.


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