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NutriSum is not a weight loss or nutritional supplement; it is a customizable online program that is geared more towards healthcare professionals or more of a corporate group setting. The company will help set up a website that can be utilized to connect officemates, friends or any group of people who are trying to lose weight and get into shape as a cohesive group. A NutriSum challenge needs only a group of participants and a promoter to oversee the group.

The NutriSum system is basically a means by which a company or other health promoter can encourage a large group towards a healthier lifestyle through diet, exercise and healthy activities. The system will track every aspect of the program as it has been design by to promoter using it. From monitoring who has lost the most or scored the highest on some challenge to overall scores of groups and individuals, the NutriSum system program can be programmed any way a customer wants it.

while the program does offer a literature package, there is no actual weight loss plan or exercise plan available for use. This is simply a means to track and score each participant in order to promote overall good health. The literature package offers information on different topics such as portion control, the value of exercise or calorie content of foods, though no particular method is promoted over another.

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NutriSum is a complete weight loss and exercise monitoring and promotional system to be utilized by large groups of people who are competing against each other in a group effort of weight loss. The company will assist in setting up websites and tracking tools that are geared towards a highly customized plan for each organization.

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  • This system harnesses the power of competition by pitting individual scores and weight loss against each other.
  • There is support for each step of the system.
  • The website has a demo that allows one to try out aspects of the system.
  • in addition to the demo there is downloadable information to help in the decision making process.


  • This product does not give the necessary tools for setting up a healthy eating or exercise plan as it is just a monitoring tool to aid with whatever plan has been chosen by the group.
  • Professionals may still need to be contacted in regards to exercises or weight loss methods.
  • It is difficult to price the system as the prices depend on the customizations and personalization of each system.


This system could be quite useful in tracking and monitoring weight loss goals of individuals and extremely large groups alike. It is important to also provide information such as portion control, differences in calories and healthy eating habits in general in addition to a monitoring tool such as this.

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    Sandro Gisler

    I feel the review does not accurately reflect the plan when it says “does not include a weight loss plan”; it given very simply, but very specific instructions regarding diet. One example is “eat breakfast within 2 hours from getting up”. This is simple and specific. One of the succes factors of this diet is that is is so simple to follow and does not require you to buy products. Other than that, the review is fairly accurate. I currently participate in a NutriSum program.