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Nutrisystem D is a diabetic version of Nutrisystem. Type 2 diabetes can often be controlled with weight loss and a healthy diet. Nutrisystem D supplies low glycemic foods in the form of prepackaged meals to the diabetic. Using these meals with fruits, diary and other product, can help the dieter achieve weight loss and, potentially, reduce the need for diabetic medications. Nutrisystem is known for supplying meals that are tasteless and weird in the mouth. The cost of Nutrisystem D is about $325 per month. There are various plans, so the dieter could pay more or less. One study completed by Temple University, claims diabetics lose more weight following the Nutrisystem D plan than a traditional eating plan.

List of Ingredients

Diabetic-based prepackaged meals from Nutrisystem.

Product Features

Diabetics have a harder time planning meals for weight loss than any other group of dieters. They must take carbohydrates, protein, fat and total calories into consideration. Carbohydrates must fall on the low glycemic list or index. Glycemic index is the measurement of blood glucose effect after eating a particular food or ingredient. Lower glycemic foods have less effect on blood glucose.

Nutrisystem D takes out the planning part of weight loss leaving more time to exercise and enjoy life without worrying about the impact foods have on blood glucose levels. Nutrisystem has a reputation for selling grainy, gritty meals with questionable taste. The meals are not fresh or frozen. They are freeze dried. There is a Nutrisystem D version for men and women. Typical weight loss is one to two pounds per week and the dieter can choose from 130 meals, including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The convenience of Nutrisystem may be ideal for dieters on the run, but it does not teach the dieter how to choose low carbohydrate ingredients and prepare meals with proper portion size. Dieters must also purchase snacks, fruit and vegetables in addition to Nutrisystem D to consume proper nutrition.

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  • Prepackaged meals make it easy to lose weight.
  • Clinical study to back weight loss claims.


  • Too expensive.
  • Dieters must purchase extra food for complete nutrition.
  • Nutrisystem D does not teach proper portion control.
  • Diabetics do no learn how to choose healthy ingredients.
  • Nutrisystem foods tend to taste bad.


The Nutrisystem D meal program sends diabetic-friendly meals to dieters wanting to lose weight and reduce the impact of diabetes on the body. In some cases, eating proper nutrition can reduce the need for diabetic medications. Nutrisystem meals are not fresh or frozen. Dieters must pay for the program and additional foods. There is no mention of exercise or recipes diabetics can use to cook low-carbohydrate meals.

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