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The NutriSystem Flex program offers a solution for dieters who want to eat healthy, pre-planned meals but still have a bit of freedom from time to time. Based on the traditional NutriSystem plan, the NutriSystem Flex option allows dieters to eat NutriSystem food 5 days a week giving them the freedom to eat normal foods on the weekends. The plan costs less than the 7 day a week NutriSystem Basic, but only saves the dieter $20.00 if they do not choose the auto-shipment program. The Basic NutriSystem plan costs $299.95 plus $18.95 shipping on auto-ship. The new NutriSystem Flex plan costs $234.95 plus free shipping on auto-ship and the one-time NutriSystem Flex plan costs $279.01 with shipping costs of $17.95.

List of Ingredients

Pre-cooked, pre-packaged meals for weight loss.

Product Features

NutriSystem is one of the oldest names in weight loss food delivery. The program allows the dieter to choose from a long list of meals to customize a menu plan that is delivered to the door. All meals are ready to cook or heat and do not require refrigeration. The portion sizes are very small, as is the case with many pre-packaged meals, but many dieters have success following the plan if they can afford the monthly cost.

NutriSystem Flex is a new program for NutriSystem that allows dieters to eat NutriSystem foods during the week and take weekends off. During the weekends, dieters are asked to follow the menu plans listed in the information included with their order. While this may seem like an easy solution to freedom-based weight loss, many dieters have trouble choosing healthy foods and controlling portions which is why they turn to NutriSystem in the first place.

The lower cost of the NutriSystem Flex plan is based on an auto-ship system. Every 20 days, the dieter is charged for a new order and the order is shipped. This means the dieter will be spending more than $325 per month on food from NutriSystem, even on the reduced cost plan, and still have to buy foods to compliment the meals. All NutriSystem meals require additional food purchases even if the dieter chooses the 7 day a week menu plan.

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  • Portion and calorie controlled meals.


  • Choosing healthy foods on the weekend may be a problem for some dieters.
  • The NutriSystem Flex plan is not money saving if the program is not ordered on auto-ship.


While NutriSystem is a trusted name in weight loss, the NutriSystem Flex plan looks like an attempt to get more money out of the dieter. Most dieters have trouble controlling food intake which is the main reason to turn to NutriSystem. The flexibility of choosing foods on the weekend could lead to temporary weight gain and more money spent on NutriSystem meals in the long run.

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    Lois Crane

    I want to switch to the breakfast, lunch, dessert only but cannot find information. Please guide me.