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Many diet programs and systems are geared more towards women, since women make up the majority of dieters. While NutriSystem has a very large female following they have also created three distinctly different programs that are aimed at men who want to lose weight as well. The three NutriSystem for Men programs are: The Men’s Diabetic Program, the Advanced Men’s Program and the Men’s Silver Program. Each of these programs include an individualized custom meal plan with prepackaged food that is delivered directly to the dieters door as well as a meal planner, counseling and many helpful online tools.

The biggest difference between the NutriSystem for Women and the NutriSystem for Men is the caloric levels of the daily foods. The men’s program will contain more calories than any other plans. Dieters will eat six times a day and the meal choices come from a menu of many different types of meals including: pastas, pizza, burgers and deserts.

List of Ingredients

Each meal has a separate list of ingredients that will be on the outside of the meal’s packaging.

Product Features

The program basically is a whole new eating plan that is low calorie and reinforced with the prepackaged meals. Every 4 weeks the NutriSystem for Men meals will be delivered. These meals do not have to be refrigerated and can be simply popped into the microwave to heat through. Dieters will supplement this pre-packaged food with fresh produce from the local grocery store.

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  • NutriSystem has a proven track record of helping dieters to lose weight successfully.
  • The NutriSystem for Men programs have been tailored specifically to meet the dietary needs of men.
  • There is a wide variety of foods to select from.
  • There is a diabetic friendly program.
  • NutriSystem allows dieters to choose their own menu.


  • All foods are pre-packaged.
  • This way of eating does not teach dieters how to incorporate healthy food preparation and eating habits without the pre-packaged food.
  • The cost of the food can be substantially more than shopping at the local grocery store.


NutriSystem for Men is a well known and respected system of weight loss that has been helpful to many dieters in the past. There are three separate men’s weight loss programs that combine the basic NutriSystem diet program with the caloric requirements of men in three separate categories: diabetics, active men and senior men. Although the convenience of having all meals delivered to the door is welcome, the price can be steep. Only eating pre-packaged meals does not give dieters the tools to learn long-term behaviors for healthy eating. There are counselors that individuals can contact either on-line or by phone.

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