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Nutrition Bounty is not a single supplement or weight loss plan. It is a manufacturer of supplements and specializes in a variety of general health products. The website claims that the company provides superior quality products at reasonable prices. The website goes on to explain that doctors choose all of their products based on issues such as potency and effectiveness of those ingredients. The company also has their own research and development department where they implement ideas for new products. The website states that Nutrition Bounty has over 30 years creating pharmaceutical grade supplements. The website goes on to proclaim that the first ingredient in all of their supplements is quality.

Nutrition Bounty is unlike other supplement companies that specialize in a single health concern alone. The company states that they are most concerned with the overall health of their customers, and that weight control is only a part of that. Currently Nutrition Bounty offers a variety of supplements that cover everything from essential fatty acids and weight control to joint health.

The company website has a wealth of information available to prospective customers. The website is full of articles on health issues and in which circumstances Nutrition Bounty products may help. There are complete ingredient lists for each products as well as instructions for dosages and supplement combinations.

List of Ingredients

The website carries a complete ingredient list for each product listed.

Product Features

Nutrition Bounty is a company that carries a variety of products that focus on overall health. While they do carry supplements for weight control, there are other products for muscle building and joint health among others. This company proclaims that their products and ingredients are chosen by doctors as opposed to scientists or nutritionists.

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  • This Company could almost be considered a one stop shop for overall health supplemental needs.
  • Each product has general descriptions as well as basic uses for each product.
  • The company states that actual doctors have a hand in choosing ingredients for potency and overall effectiveness as well as safety.
  • The website contains several education and informational articles aimed at educating the customer on various products and their uses.


  • Nutrition Bounty is a general health supplement manufacturer and as such has many products which means that they do not specialize in any one health concern.


The Nutrition Bounty Company is not simply a weight loss supplement company, but is generally considered to be an overall health supplement company. They carry a variety of products that cover many health needs from vitamins to joint health. Nutrition Bounty products can be purchased directly from their website or from a variety of other retail nutritional websites.

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