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Nutritional Therapeutics markets products bearing the NT Factor label. These products are marketed as being cutting edge antioxidants that help to fight fatigue. The claim is that by using these products users can basically regain the energy of their youth. This is done by repairing damaged cells through the use of antioxidant therapy.

The company website cites studies that claim cell damage is the most common causes of age related fatigue. The company claims that NT Factor can reverse cell membrane damage in elderly. This damage reversal is said to return to the aged the energy levels of normal healthy adults within 8 weeks of using their products.

The range of products containing the NT Factor is quite large. There are supplements and vitamins for everything from general fatigue to joint health. The website guarantees the claims that it makes on the website.

Surveys completed by patients participating in clinical trials showed that energy levels began to rebound within as little as three days. Within 30 days cell regeneration was at 25% to 30%. Within 60 days cell repair had reached 45% with many participants showing cell growth and energy levels equal to that of individuals half their age in the control group.

List of Ingredients

Individual products have ingredients listed on the company’s webpage. The NT Factor is a proprietary blend. The company lists NT Factor ingredients only as food and food components.

Product Features

The line of NT Factor containing products is quite extensive. The company claims that with consistent use results can be achieved in as little as six to eight weeks. The different supplements are quite diverse so finding the perfect formulas and program should be relatively easy.

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  • The website includes many positive reviews and testimonies.
  • Clinical trials and studies are cited on the webpage with actual hard data.
  • Clinical trials were cited on the website that showed positive results within two months.


  • Ingredients in the NT Factor proprietary blend are not revealed. The website says that the ingredients are food and food components.


Nutritional Therapeutics’’ NT Factor formula is purported to give the elderly and aged back the energy they had in their youth. This is accomplished through an antioxidant therapy program utilizing Nutritional Therapeutics products that are said to renew damaged cells and cell membranes. The promise is that within 6 to 8 weeks individuals will begin to see improvements in energy levels. The website quotes a clinical trial of NT Factor in elderly patients over 70. The stated results were that participants in the trial had cell membranes repaired to that of healthy young adults within eight weeks. Along with this cell repair came renewed energy levels.

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